MVP and Shelton Benjamin returning on full time roles to the WWE?


Yes! You heard it right! Two of the most athletically gifted superstars are apparently on their way back to the WWE! If recent reports are to be believed, former General Manager of Smackdown, Theodore Long recently stated on his interview with the Gerwick Report Podcast said that he had spoken to both the talents and had signed them for a role with WWE!

There have been numerous rumors about the impending returns of Shelton Benjamin and MVP making their triumphant return to the WWE in the recent past. Shelton single handedly helped the money in the bank and other athletic matches gain prominence during his time in the WWE. He was also a part of the self-proclaimed ‘World’s greatest Tag Team alongside his long time partner and friend Charlie Haas. Shelton was initially signed as a part of Brock Lesnar’s deal with the WWE back in 2002.

He wanted Shelton to accompany him to the WWE. After the tag team was broken, Shelton managed to capture the Intercontinental Championship, the US Championship and also challenged the game, HHH during his initial run as a singles competitor. After his time with the WWE, Shelton signed with the Ring of Honor winning the tag titles on two occasions alongside Charlie Haas. He later moved to New Japan and eventually worked with NOAH.

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MVP on the other hand was also a former United States champion and is remembered for his feuds with the likes of Chris Benoit, John Cena and Kane, where he was the only superstar from the Ruthless Agression era to have competed in the Inferno match against Kane. He asked for his release and joined the New Japan Pro Wrestling, before heading to TNA.

Speaking about the signing, Teddy Long said that he had spoken to MVP and that he was in the process of the mandatory medical clearance with the doctors from WWE and he got him to sign the dotted line! He also noted that Shelton Benjamin would be making his return in the coming few months!

Talk about the WWE Draft ‘shaking things up again’ !

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