Rugby to comeback in Rio Olympic after 92 years with a specially designed ball


There is great news for all the Rugby fans from all over the world as Rugby will be making a return to the Olympics after a long wait of 92 years. The inclusion of Rugby in the Rio Olympic 2016 Games has been confirmed by the Olympic Association, which has brought smiles on the faces of all the Rugby lovers. It will be exciting to see Rugby in the Olympics this year at Rio.

We are just over 20 days away from watching live Rugby in the Rio Olympic 2016 and to make the preparations are in full swing as Rugby World has also revealed the ball that will be used for the opening game of Rugby in the Olympics.

The opening match of Rugby is due to be played on Aug 6 at 11 a.m. local time between women of Spain and France. The game will be played in the spectacular stadium at Deodoro with a crowd of hundreds of fans who will be there to witness this special historic event.

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The ball that will be used by the men and women’s team for the opening match showcases the typical Olympic rings along with the logo of world rugby. This ball has been exclusively designed for the fast moving version of Rugby, Rugby seven that will the part of Rio Olympic.

The ball not only gets an enhanced look, but its efficiency has also been increased by modifying the surface of the ball to offer better grip to the players which will make it easy to handle and control. However,  with this newly designed ball, the distance travelled in a kick has been trimmed off to ensure more fun to the players. Players will certainly enjoy this new ball and so will be the crowd as they will see the game in an improved version.

Some of the teams have already announced their teams, including Brazil, New Zealand, and Canada, while the others are still holding up. However, the deadline of 18 July is not too far away and very soon we will have all the teams. Rugby was dropped from the Olympics after 1924 games and will be making a grand comeback at Rio Olympics very soon.


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