Rumor: Dolph Ziggler leaving the WWE after his contract expires next month


Ever since the draft extension, Ziggler has received plenty of television time, title shots, and opportunities and been the focus of attention for the WWE management and the universe alike. He on his part has produced great matches and made the most of every opportunity given to him. He has been one of the pros on SmackDown Live alongside John Cena and Randy Orton.

The only problem however, is with the booking. Although he has proven more than often that he is more than capable of producing great matches and generate a reaction from the WWE universe, the booking team has thought he is capable to be in the title match series, but not good enough to win any title.

He started off as a part of the Spirit squad, and after the group disbanded, pursued singles competition. His run has been no short of a fairy tale run. He won the Money in the Bank, the Heavyweight championship and just when the heavyweight title seemed to be back on track to be credible, he was injured and ever since then he has been in the mid card. It is safe to say that he is in a unique position but he does not have any rewards to show for.

WWE No Mercy is the next pay per view coming up and most likely, it might be the last chance Ziggler has to reclaim the Intercontinental Championship in his match against the Miz. Even if he does win the title, it would be a reflection of his value that he brings to the product on the whole.

According to a new report, No Mercy will be the pay per view for SmackDown where the Miz will defend his title in a steel cage against Ziggler so that the Miz cannot get away with his heel tactics. The expectation is that Ziggler would not be signing a new contract after his current one expires in October. It is not that he would struggle outside the WWE. He would be hot with promotions like Ring of Honor and TNA. As of this writing, we do not have any concrete evidence that he will leave. So as always, please treat this only as a rumor.

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