Rumor on who might answer Dolph Ziggler’s championship challenge


Ever since John Cena held the United States Championship, the stakes have been high for the title. Not only did it make the title look credible, but it also opened doors for a lot of competition through ‘open challenges’. That was when we saw the likes of Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens showing us what they are capable of on the main roster. The same can be said about the Intercontinental championship, ever since Daniel Bryan won the title. The title however was held by the Miz for most of the time and in an effort to save his character of being a ‘safe worker’, the title was not defended every other week.

Dolph Ziggler won the Intercontinental title from the Miz at No Mercy, to have his fifth title reign as the champ after winning the career vs championship match. While it appears Miz is the only legit number one contender for the title, things took an unexpected turn after Ziggler’s recent match against Curt Hawkins. Ziggler issued an open challenge to the RAW roster at Survivor Series.

This has raised a lot of speculations as to who might answer the challenge from RAW. While there have been loud rumors that it might be either Sami Zayn or an upcoming superstar like Neville, it appears that the WWE wants to have the suspense going into the event.

The card for Survivor Series looks pretty much decked up, with the re-match from WrestleMania XX, Bill Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar hogging most of the limelight, apart from the traditional Survivor Series elimination match up.

It appears that the Intercontinental title would be the only title being defended at Survivor Series, since Reigns, Charlotte, the Usos, the New Day, Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch would all be involved in elimination matches for their respective brands. It appears that the WWE does not want to reveal the opponent till the last minute, but me thinks it would be someone who does not have much of a creative input headed their way on RAW.

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