Rumor: The Shield reunion likely?


Perhaps one of the most successful factions after Evolution, in the history of professional wrestling, along the lines of the Four Horsemen, The Shield is expected to make a return to the company, to take down the current talented roster.

They had one of the most successful runs in the recent times, and had taken down the likes of Batista, Triple H, Orton, the Undertaker, Kane, CM Punk and John Cena on numerous occasions. Although they were billed to be as heels, they were well liked and received by the universe, forcing the creative team to book them as faces and fan favorites before they were broken up. Vince apparently felt that it was time for the superstars to pursue individual careers.

One cannot help but praise the individual careers. All the three of them have held the heavyweight titles on multiple occasions, apart from Dean Ambrose holding the United States Championship, and Roman Reigns currently being in line for a run with the title as well. However, the fans perception has changed over the years, especially with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Reigns has always had to carry the weight of being pushed too quickly and him being forcefully shoved down our throats.

His famous cousin, the Rock was in the same spot when he started out, but he managed to hone his skills and impressed the audience, unlike Reigns. Seth on the other hand has had the nasty reputation of being an unsafe worker, after injuring the likes of Sting, John Cena and Finn Balor. Dean Ambrose on the other hand, did not have a run as one would have expected with the title.

It is being said that they would be booked in such a way that they have less talk and do more in the ring, similar to their previous run as a unit. This may take place at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, or even at the next big pay per view, Survivor Series. It seems that the WWE is high on having the faction back together, where they turn on the audience for turning on them.

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