Rumor: The Swiss Superman on his way out


Before we begin, we want to emphasize that this is just a rumor and not a confirmed piece of news. So, the readers are advised to take the report with a pinch of salt.

Not long ago, John Cena once said that Cesaro has all the ingredients of being the next world champion. This was one of those things that the 15 time world champion and veteran was honestly talking about what he felt about Cesaro, without pushing for a storyline or a shoot promo. Cesaro had been pushed to the moon initially, and then he injured himself. After he came back, he was paired with Paul Heyman and called himself a Paul Heyman guy after winning the Andre Giant battle royal at WrestleMania, the night after which he traded loyalties with Zeb Colter to Paul Heyman. We all thought that it was finally going to be the beginning of the push we have all been waiting for Cesaro.

His angle with Heyman was dropped all of a sudden, and Cesaro formed a great tag team with Tyson Kidd and just when they were making a mark in the tag team division, their run was cut short thanks to Kidd’s injury. After that angle, when we finally felt Cesaro was slowly climbing the ladder to the world title. He was injured after starting his own ‘Cesaro section’ in the audience. The audience kept growing with every passing week. He returned as the Hitman, but his push is nowhere to be seen. He is in a feud with Sheamus currently, with Sheamus getting the upper hand for majority of the feud thus far.

Reports have emerged that with Cesaro’s contract expiring soon, he might be on the way out. Although his in ring work was well appreciated by the WWE universe, Vince had openly stated on Stone Cold’s podcast that Cesaro just could not connect with the WWE audience and that he did not quite have the required charisma and verbal skills. He added that Cesaro was not willing to reach out to the ‘brass ring’

We definitely hope that this is not true, as Cesaro is one of the best performers on RAW and losing him would be a huge loss.

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