The beginning of a new Era for Pakistan Cricket Team


5th delivery of the 76th Over, Amir Bowls a beauty to the debutant Jake Ball who has no answer to the brilliant delivery and is out and what followed were the scenes of joy and happiness as Pakistan claimed their first win in as many as 20 years on the ground which is considered as the Mecca of Cricket.

This was the story of the first Test where Pakistan proved its eminent class by showing that they can be force in the cricketing world once again. They are back to regain their position on the international cricketing scene that was lost years ago following some controversy but this is the beginning of a new era.

Yasir Shah: The Rising Star

The stats that Yasir Shah holds within his short international carrier will probably make you wonder where this star was hidden but the actual thing is that this World Class spinner was always a star for the Pakistani team since his debut but came into lime light only after his stellar figures at the Lords.  He has become the number one Test bowler after that performance and it’s widely known that you cannot become a number 1. bowler in a single night.

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He was the one who tormented the English batsman and it looks like Pakistan has finally found the replacement for Saeed Ajmal. He is the only spinner to hold the number one ranking after 2006 when it was achieved by Shane Warne. The stalwart spinner also chases a 120 year old record which will make him the fastest 100+ wicket taker in the Test cricket history.

Amir’s comeback

One thing that has surely strengthened the Pakistan’s team is the return of Mohammad Amir. It was a great moment to witness when he marked his return to Test cricket after six year and that too in the same ground where he played his last Test match. The return of Mohammad Amir has been a huge boost to the morals of Pakistani team.

Fielding has to improve

There was probably a time when the fielding standards of the subcontinent’s team were considered below par but the equations have changed now as the Asian teams are also becoming great at fielding but Pakistan’s approach has been the same and if they want to make a strong come back in the cricketing world, then they will surely have to improve their fielding standards to a great extent.


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