The Dudley Boyz are done with the WWE, at least for now!


We had recently reported that both Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley had signed new contracts for a year to stick around with the WWE and help build the tag team divisions, if not win the tag titles one last time.

If you’ve watched this week’s RAW, you must have noticed that the Dudley suddenly went from heels to face, delivered their Wassup move and also went back to using the tables, after Bubba had stated that the Dudley were done with the tables during the beginning of their heel turn.

It is being reported that the Dudley storyline on RAW was real and not a part of any storyline. It is being said that they have departed WWE again. We had based our previous report based on what PWInsider had reported. They posted an update to their post yesterday that the duo had agreed for new terms on the contract, but around a week ago, both sides had decided to part amicably as the contracts had officially not been executed.

It is being reported that the Dudley agreed for the beat down by Gallows and Anderson would serve two purposes, one to gain heel heat for Gallows and Anderson and two, leave the door open for a potential match down the line between the Dudley and the Club. It is being said that on their return backstage after their segment, Bubba and D-Von received standing ovations from the entire roster, producers and the McMahons.

This comes as a surprise as the Dudley staying around would have helped RAW have a strong tag team wrestling division and also help to help the young teams. While the Dudley did leave on their own terms, the WWE fan base is saddened that one of the most decorated tag teams in professional wrestling did not get to hold the tag titles in their last run. It is highly unlikely that the Dudley would end up on TNA, but a return to New Japan or the WWE would seem inevitable.

The Dudley Boyz took to their respective twitter accounts and thanked us for their support. Superstars like Zack Ryder, Mick Foley, JBL, Neville and Christian took to their respective twitter feeds to congratulate the Dudley on their well-earned retirement.

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