The Hitman adds another feather to his cap!


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear, ‘the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be’? Even if you’re not from Canada, one of the possible names that comes to your mind when you hear, ‘Hitman’, is Bret the ‘Hitman’ Hart.

The WWE hall of famer has added another feather to his cap by receiving another award for his contributions. Bret was recently awarded with the 2016 Bob Edwards award. The event was conducted over the weekend and we did not know it till the WWE officially congratulated Bret for his award.

The awards gala ceremony is the signature event of the Calgary Public Library Foundation. Funds are aimed to be raised to enhance services and also the programs offered by the library. Most importantly, the library aims to nurture the true potential that truly lives within every child of Calgary. Interestingly, the award was named after the first media celebrity of Canada, Bob Edwards.

The recipients of the awards are often the ones who never shy away from their speaking their minds and are provocative individuals. Well, if we have learnt anything about Bret over the past few years, he has never backed down from speaking his mind, even if that meant commenting about one of the principal owners of the WWE, Triple H.

WWE posted an article recently on their official website, congratulating Bret on the achievement. With Survivor Series scheduled to be held at Toronto, Canada, will we see the Hitman again in the ring? Remember the promo Shawn Michaels cut in 2005 during the only time after he was baptized when he turned heel for a night at Toronto? The roof was blown away when Hitman’s music hit and people were obviously not too happy about it turning out to be a prank. It seems to early to predict what may happen at Survivor Series, but for now, we whole heartedly congratulate Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart on his award!

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