The real reason WWE fired Joey Styles


If you have been an avid ECW fan, you might probably know who Joey Styles is. He single handedly called the matches in ECW and once ECW was put to rest, he moved to the WWE.

He was brought in as a replacement for the permanent voice on WWE RAW, Jim Ross, but he could not do justice to the role as there were a lot of comparisons being made. He vented out his criticism on the same a night after Backlash in 2008 and kayfabe quit the company as an on air announcer. After that, he has been with the WWE, working for the digital media and served as the Vice President of digital media content and had been helping

He was fired recently by the WWE after a Facebook Q&A interview with Cathy Kelley, and Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the WWE felt that Styles’ comments were perceived as if he did not care about the higher-ups. During the interview, he said that Roman Reigns was being pushed because kids and mothers liked him. He also went on to say that he did not like the idea of having a WWE Universal title.

He also added that he felt the team was unappreciated by the company. He later joked that few of his comments might land him in trouble, and looks like he was right. It is being said that his Facebook Q&A interview was the reason he got fired.

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WWE felt that he went too far with the interview and he should not have spoken his mind especially about Roman Reigns and the Universal title, since there is a huge amount of creative thought process that goes on at the back end for all the decisions and matches we watch on live television. It seems WWE felt it was an insult to their team and went ahead with the move. Steve Austin was reported to be in trouble for asking too many questions on his podcast, due to which he was replaced by Jericho. Big Show and Dean Ambrose recently got into trouble due to their comments on the podcast.

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