The Tale of two clubs from the same city this summer


Just from the look of title you would have surely guessed that I am talking about the two Manchester clubs. One is Manchester United, the club known for its rich legacy and the other one is the newly resurgent Manchester City.

These two clubs have been two of the most active clubs in the EPL right now as far as the summer transfer window is concerned. The clubs are ready to bounce back from their poor campaigns last season and here is the assessment of the business that both these clubs have done so far in the summer transfer window.

The new Bosses

The smartest piece of business that both of these clubs have done this summer is of appointing new managers by both of these clubs. The two new bosses in the city of Manchester are not just ordinary; they are the best two managers in the market right now.

Manchester United: Making their way to the top once again

 There was a time once when every other club used to fear Manchester United but that has become a thing of past the red devils have found life hard after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson with three back to back disappointing seasons with two different managers . This time they have changed their approach and have appointed “the Special one”, Jose Mourinho to shake things up for them. This has indeed been successful for the team as they have signed some star players like Henrikh Mkhitaryan and moral boosting Zaltan Ibrahimovic. This has been the best transfer window for Manchester United in the last two or three years and the most important part is that their best signing is yet to be announced.

Manchester City: looking for the European dominance   

Manchester City, since the takeover by the sheiks has been a force to reckon with in the premier league but have failed to produce the same when it comes to Europe.  That’s why they have appointed Pep Guardiola this time to make them a force in the Europe. They have spent smartly this summer as they have secured the services of some star players and some young Turks too and have also focused on the departments where they need considerations. All these signs have surely proved that they are not just aiming for the EPL but want to make an impact on Europe too.

Rachit Sethi

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