The Undertaker’s schedule for WrestleMania 33


The Undertaker has always been synonymous with WrestleMania. WrestleMania has always been incomplete without the Deadman’s presence at the grandest stage of them all. We have not seen or heard from the Undertaker since his WrestleMania match against Shane McMahon, which made no sense either storyline wise or business wise. Yes, it did help to grab eyeballs, but no one would have expected Shane to come out on top in the match.

After losing the match, although the stipulation said that Shane would have to leave the company, he was appointed as the co-general manager of RAW before being appointed as the commissioner for SmackDown Live post the WWE draft.

Although this year’s WrestleMania is months away, there have been murmurs about the Deadman’s marquee event. Although it was reported that Taker was telling friends and people close to him that the match at WrestleMania 32 would be his last that would definitely not be what WWE wants. They would want his last match to be against an actual wrestler and with the WWE wanting to break another attendance record at this year’s event, the Undertaker may have another match at the event.

As reported yesterday, the 57 year old Hall of Famer, Sting has already thrown his hat in for a match against the Phenom. Although that has been what the whole pro wrestling fraternity and audience has been clamoring for, as it would be the first time the corner stones of WWE and WCW go head to head. Having two 50 plus years go at it would not make much of a business sense as of now, as the WWE had plans in place for Taker to work a program against the face of the company, John Cena. For starters, there was never a passing of the torch from Taker to Cena, although they did have a brief backstage handshake moment after John Cena’s first match against Kurt Angle. Things would have culminated at WrestleMania 32 had it not been for Cena’s shoulder injury. This would be the first time the two superstars go at it at the grandest stage of them all.

Time would only tell, but it seems the Deadman would eventually make an appearance on the event immediately after his 52nd birthday, in a match against Cena, as that would be the official passing of the torch match or just a farewell match for Taker.

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