Update on Undertaker’s health, WWE future in jeopardy at the moment!


We recently reported that the Undertaker has been spotted walking around in crutches and whenever he has been spotted, he has been holding his crutches. We have an update on his health.

There have been reports stating that the Undertaker indeed had a hip surgery and the crutches are a result of the surgery. This is definitely bad news for the WWE universe and pro wrestling community at large. The regular rehab time for hip surgery is around three to six months, however there are other factors that also determine the rehab time, like age of the person, previous health conditions and body conditions. Undertaker, has been pretty banged up from his years in the ring and added that he is on the other side of the 50.

WrestleMania is around six months away, and while a return is possible, nothing can be said about a possible return. As reported previously, WWE wants to have a match between John Cena and Taker and have an official passing of the torch match, with Taker calling it curtains on his career after the match.

For the past 24 years, Taker has been a main event attraction for the grandest stage of them all. WrestleMania seems to be incomplete without Taker on the card. Regarding his surgery, Taker has been spotted walking around on Saturday Night, and he was walking normally according to reports. However, there is a huge difference between casually strolling around and competing in a physical match on the grandest stage of them all. Unless Taker has had some undisclosed health condition for which he was treated recently, the current rehab time remains a maximum of six to eight months.

This is definitely bad news, and even if this year’s WrestleMania does not feature Taker, he can be satisfied that he had one last match in front of his home crowd in Texas, and came up winning the match against one of the most underrated performers in the business. Whatever it maybe, we wish the Taker could wrestle and never retire!

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