What’s next for Roman Reigns?


I’d like to begin by apologizing for being unable to cover the results of RAW and SmackDown Live this week. I was travelling and just settled in. For starters, this week’s RAW had one of the most unexpected endings in the recent times. Triple H made his return to action after WrestleMania 32. As expected, he screwed Roman Reigns out of the title picture.

Just when we were about to yawn about a potential feud between Roman Reigns and HHH, boom! Out of nowhere, HHH hit the pedigree on Seth Rollins, screwing him out of the title picture and helping Kevin Owens capture his first major title.

As much as I am excited to see the storyline between Seth Rollins and Triple H build, one cannot notice that Reigns’ storylines are getting hap hazard day by day. He was suddenly inserted into the title picture in the middle of a great feud for the United States championship against Rusev and now suddenly, just as quickly as he was in the picture, he is out of the frame again. The storylines are said to be involving Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, with a brief feud against Chris Jericho for Owens. However, it would be interesting to see how WWE plays out HHH’s role.

Coming back to Reigns, it only makes sense for WWE to put him back in the feud with Rusev, as he would seem to have some unfinished business after the massive beat down he received at Summerslam. Besides, they have never really had a match against each other and it would definitely not hurt the WWE to have the U.S. title on Reigns, as the fans have been quite vocal about their dislike of Reigns being shoved down their throats. The Universe rejected Cena for the same reason. WWE seem to be quite hell bent on replacing Cena by Reigns, but the only difference is that at least Cena managed to draw cheers from one section of the crowd. Nowadays whenever Reigns makes an entrance he is greeted by deafening boos.

He was slowly getting accepted and boom! He was about to be shoved down our throats again! As of this writing, it seems he is going to be involved in a feud with Rusev, eventually winning the title soon.

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