WWE Live Event, Tallahassee – 29th July Results


It has been known that WWE has not paid enough attention to live events in terms of storylines and booking. The same thing repeated at the recent live event from Tallahassee. Here’re the results, and you’ll know why we feel so:

Zack Ryder and Usos def. the Club: What is the point of having the Club losing against the Usos and Ryder when you’re portraying them as legitimate heels and a team that doesn’t go by the rules ( they cut a promo saying they do what they want, when they want, wherever they want). You cannot have them lose against a mid card team especially when they’re in line to face the New Day for the tag titles at Summerslam!

Sin Cara def. Viktor: Nothing much to say here, apart from it being a meh match. Good to see them get the time to show off their skills. Having Sin Cara win would make the kids happy.

Apollo Crews def. Sheamus: While this is a great way to promote Apollo, who is high on his performance in the SmackDown qualifying matches, it does not make sense to have Apollo defeat Sheamus, a legitimate heel at a non-televised heel. He is a former champion, if you have to establish Apollo as a legitimate upcoming new superstar, give him the time to work on live TV and build a proper storyline.

The New Day def. Wyatts: The New Day is on the verge of defending the title against the Club at Summerslam. This is the way to build them up! Added to that, with the Wyatt family supposedly breaking up thanks to the draft, it just helps to establish the New Day as a strong team. I have to give this to you, WWE. Good booking here.

Darren Young and Titus O Neil def. Bo Dallas and Heath Slater: WWE seem to be dropping the ball with Heath Slater here. He was portrayed as a free agent on SmackDown and have him cut a \ promo showing him to be frustrated, unless this will help him, you’re dropping the ball with a great worker here!

Continued Part-2!

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