WWE Monday Night RAW Results – 08/01/2016 continued


Thoughts: A great way to kick off RAW!! Talk about unpredictability! Jericho played the heel character to perfection, but seriously, Chris? What did Ric accomplish? Apart from that, everything about the segment and match were awesome! Having Kevin Owens on commentary points at a feud between Y2J with Owens against Enzo and Cass.

Post-match, Jericho hits the code breaker on Enzo, while Cass runs out to make the save. This feud makes sense, as Jericho can put them over like no one can, even if he wins! Great way to book them, given they’re no longer in the Tag title picture!

Brawn Strowman vs Evan Anderholm: Evan says before the match that he’s doing this because he gets 1000$ if he loses and 5000$ if he wins! Pretty much another match to portray Strowman as a monster and a platform for him to showcase his beastly image. Brawn Strowman picks up the win with a reverse chokeslam.

Thoughts: The way Brawn is being booked, shows that he’s on his way to be booked as the next unstoppable beast on RAW. This has been done in the past with a lot of superstars.

Backstage, Mark Henry approaches Stephanie and says that he has another run left in him. Foley seems to be impressed and books him in a match against Rusev for the U.S. Title later tonight!

Shining stars vs Golden Truth: The Golden Truth are still continuing their Pokémon go addiction from last week. Shining stars display exceptional double team work against them. Truth gets distracted by his phone, allowing Primo to get the roll up on Goldust for the win.

Thoughts: While it definitely helps to have the Shining stars go against the experienced Goldust, there is no direction in the feud. Both Goldust and Truth are excellent in the ring, and they should be booked to help elevate the Stars in a better way.

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Next, Cole is in the ring to interview the new number one contender for the Universal championship, Finn Balor. Interview barely begins, and we are interrupted by Seth Rollins. Rollins asks Cole to leave and says he’ll take Balor’s interview. Seth says, everything that Balor’s done, Seth has already done and did it first, and better. Balor retorts and says Rollins has an annoying laugh and says he’s going to beat him at Summerslam. Rollins goes for a cheap shot, but is countered by Balor, who displays excellent athleticism.

Continued Part3.

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