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We’re back with the latest news and happenings in the world of professional wrestling for you, our loyal readers.

John Cena has been confirmed as the lead star for yet another Hollywood flick. A new movie called The Pact was announced and Cena was announced to be co-starring in the movie along with Leslie Mann. It was also reported that Universal Studios has agreed for the movie to have an April 20th, 2018 release. Obviously this means that Cena would be taking another time off from the WWE.

He is currently involved in a feud with AJ Styles and the WWE seems to be very keen to have the world title on Cena for the 16th time. As of this writing, there is no confirmation as to when Cena will be taking his time off, but it appears that he will be indeed taking off some time in 2017, possibly after the WrestleMania season.

There have been rumors coming up that we are staring at a Wyatt Family break up in the near future, especially with Randy Orton and Luke Harper unable to get on the same page. This has been the plan all the while, with the plan being that having Wyatt work with an experienced superstar like Randy Orton would help him gain some more credibility. This is bad given that Wyatt just experienced his first gold as a part of the tag team champions with Orton and Harper.

Another report claims that WWE may be looking at a change of positions for RAW. Recently WWE superstar Lana tweeted that Foley should accept her petition for the position of Assistant GM and that would help RAW build itself against SmackDown. Foley promptly responded saying that the position of GM might be up for grabs in the upcoming days. It is not known whether this was kayfabe or Foley actually hinting at a change in the roles.

In a recent press release, the WWE announced that WWE WrestleMania 34 would be held at New Orleans in 2018.

There have been rumors of impending hall of fame inductions for this year. It has been rumored by Dave Meltzer that William Regal, Christian, The Natural Disasters and Mike Rotunda are strongly being considered for this year’s inductions.

It is being reported that Mark Hunt has filed for a lawsuit against Brock Lesnar and the UFC for Lesnar’s failed drug tests.

Former WWE Superstar recently opened about WWE superstar John Cena being the ‘poison’ to the pro wrestling industry, in wake of former WWE superstar Alex Riley talking about Cena killing his career. He spoke about the time when he was with Riley and that Cena made sure that Riley did not get anywhere using his clout backstage. He said that Cena had to take responsibility for sabotaging Riley’s career and that it was not the WWE’s fault. He claimed that Riley was hot as ever with his awesome theme music and his work ethic and was able to garner a great reaction from the fans and Cena killed everything for him.

Former WWE superstar Perry Saturn recently claimed in an interview with Bill Apter that he is dealing with a traumatic brain injury from the bumps he took in the WWE ring. A GoFundMe account has been set up for Perry to help him get back on his feet as his wife, Lisa is his full time caregiver due to Perry’s inability to drive, work along with bouts of headaches, sensitivity to light, brain fog, and dementia.

As of this writing it has been reported that Vince McMahon has pulled the trigger on plans of Cena going on against Taker at WrestleMania and that the opponents of the two are up in the air at the moment and are expected to be decided in the days to come. Although Braun Strowman was earlier penciled to face Taker, it appears that Strowman is also out of the picture, for now. Keep watching this space for more on this story.

One of the biggest stars of all time in the WWE, the Rock’s status for WrestleMania is up in the air at the moment. There have been multiple reports claiming that he may be inducted into the Hall of Fame since Rock is from Miami, this year’s event is coming in from Orlando. Another report claims that the WWE is hell bent on having Vin Diesel and Conor McGregor make an appearance at the event. Obviously, this would mean the Rock would be involved in some form of physicality or a promo. Keep watching this space for more!

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