WWE News: Happy birthday, dear ‘Chris Jericho’


One of the most loved veterans of the modern era of wrestling, Chris Jericho turns 46 today. He has the unique knack of being able to extract a reaction from the crowd, no matter if he plays the dastardly heel or the loveable baby face. No matter how much you deny it, you cannot deny giving him the respect he deserves.

His gimmick off late has been garnering lot of attention. Usually when Jericho comes back, he sticks around for around 6 months at a stretch, but ever since he has started his part time schedule, this has to be his longest run with the WWE. What demarcates Jericho from the others is how he merges fictional storylines into real life incidents.

He has been known to stand up for his co-workers, the most recent being Sin Cara. The previous time Jericho was involved in a backstage scuffle, which was against Brock Lesnar as he felt that Lesnar had crossed the line with the match. Previously, he was known as the only guy who ever stood up to Bill Goldberg, in a backstage fight.

All these instances prove that he is indeed a ‘gift’ to all of us and that we need to drink ‘it’ in as much as we can as long as he decides to stick around. There has been something unique about Jericho, who often likes to tease the fans and never hesitates from giving it back to the fans. One particular incident was during a SmackDown tapings, when a member of the audience yelled, ‘Go back to Canada’ and Jericho promptly responded by saying, ‘I’m from Winnipeg, you idiot.’

Speaking of Jericho, there have been rumors swirling around that he would eventually end up in a feud against Kevin Owens. The feud would do more wonders to Owens’ already immense charisma and star power. Jericho has the knack of extracting the best out of the best in ring workers. CM Punk, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, everyone were a part of the ‘learning’ process from Chris Jericho, and look at where they are now. Happy birthday, Chris Jericho!

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