WWE News: Randy Orton not taking part at Survivor Series


Randy Orton is currently in one of the best scripted promos ever. He’s in a program with the eater of the worlds. We had a special twist in the storyline, where Randy appeared to turn on the demon Kane and said ‘if you’re unable to beat them, join them’.

Ever since the draft, Randy has been plagued by health and fitness issues. He took a severe ‘beating’ at the hands of Brock Lesnar at Summerslam and did not take part in any ‘big’ pay per view.

Although he was expected to take Cena’s place on the main event roster as the ‘pro’ on the show, especially in the wake of Cena’s external commitments. That has not been the case sadly. Injuries have definitely not added to Randy’s case.

Randy is expected to take off from the next big pay per view, Survivor Series as Randy and his wife are expecting their second child, a baby girl. The superstar’s wife took to her social media account, to announce the news. It is worth mentioning that Randy is not mentioned on the list of participating superstars for the event. It appears that Randy has been granted time off for the event and may miss the episode of WWE SmackDown Live following Survivor Series.

On the professional front, he is entangled with the Wyatt family and both have been able to gain an upper hand on different occasions. The unpredictability factor makes the storyline all the more interesting. Adding Kane into the mix makes things better. Having Bray go over Randy would do great wonders to his career as he has not been ‘put over’ by any of the superstars, even though every promo and storyline has been excellent and compelling. They are expected to feud at least till the Royal Rumble.

While we cannot help but be happy for Randy, it would have been great to have him participate at Survivor Series. The Viper will definitely be missed at the event. It would be interesting to see how Randy is written off television.

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