WWE plans to push Roman Reigns as the top face on RAW again


Yes! You’ve heard it right! WWE is planning to continue their push with Roman Reigns. Just when we thought that Roman Reigns was legitimately being built as the top guy by having him work his way all the way to the Universal title through the mid card and an excellent feud with Rusev, WWE is back at it again.

Reigns was supposed to continue his feud moving in till Survivor Series, with him being penciled to win the U.S. title from Rusev at one point and the two going back and forth. However, WWE went to panic mode after Finn Balor’s untimely injury and due to the lack of a strong credible face on RAW, they went back to Roman Reigns.

He was getting the crowd to slowly get behind him through the excellent heel heat Rusev generated during their brief feud, but it looks like he will be discontinuing the feud mid-way and will be the new Universal Champion pretty soon.

It appears that Finn Balor’s injury was completely unexpected and the WWE did not have a backup plan. It was planned to have Finn and Seth to go head to head again with Reigns getting into the picture after he would be able to get the fans to rally behind him. Seth Rollins on the other hand, currently is expected to be in the title picture for the next few months, at least till Finn Balor returns. The feeling is that Seth is the only heel who can generate a lot of heel heat from the fans currently.

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So, brace yourself. Expect to see Reigns win the title soon and have him booed again. This however may change, given that WWE has witnessed how fans would turn on and the viewership drops. They may have someone to work along with Reigns to have him have great matches and make the push seem all the more deserved.

Long story short, it might be a bad idea to have Reigns in the Universal title picture, especially when he’s just started getting reactions from the crowd.

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