WWE RAW Results – 10/24/2016


This has got to be the most anticipated episode for fans of the ruthless aggression era, since Brock Lesnar is scheduled to make an appearance to address Goldberg’s recent comments and provide his thoughts, via his agent obviously, Paul Heyman. The event takes place from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN which is billed to be Brock’s hometown. Expect a homecoming of sorts for the beast incarnate.

Also scheduled for tonight is the main event match; a triple threat match between the Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and the number one contender for the Universal championship, Seth Rollins. It has also been revealed via WWE’s social media account that Karl Anderson is scheduled to go one on one with Enzo Amore tonight. The two teams are scheduled to meet each other at RAW’s next pay per view, Hell in a Cell, next weekend. WWE continues their support for Susan G Komen foundation, in their fight against breast cancer, even tonight. Expect a lot of pink in the show, even in today’s episode.

We start things off with Chris Jericho in the ring. He breaks the news saying the main event for tonight has been called off and more importantly he has somehow misplaced his list of Jericho and that he will not leave the ring or have a match till his list is ‘returned’ by the stealer. Owens comes out and says he does not care about the list, but he knows that Jericho cares, so he decides to help find the list of Jericho for Jericho, once they dismantle the architect, Seth Rollins. Stephanie McMahon makes her way out and assures Jericho that he will get his list as long as he focusses on wrestling tonight and goes ahead with the match.

Rollins is out next and says he was the one to steal the list. He claims that Stephanie McMahon is also on the list, along with Jericho’s best friend, Kevin Owens. Jericho argues and claims that Owens can never be on the list as it was meant only for mutton heads and stupid idiots like Rollins.

Jericho also claims that Stephanie is not on the list and wants his list back. Rollins says he will give him his list back, but gets serious about his plans of hitting the pedigree on Owens this Sunday at Hell in a Cell. Rollins asks Jericho to come get the list and walks off backstage. I am telling you, Jericho is indeed a gift!


Stephanie finds Rollins backstage before Jericho does and demands that Rollins gives back the list as she wants the triple threat match to go on as planned. Rollins says that he knows that the triple threat match is more like a two on one handicap match and Stephanie only wants it to happen because she wants Rollins hurt before the Hell in a Cell match. He tells her that he left the list in the locker room and that Jericho can pick it up from there.

Enzo and Cass come out and start cutting a promo, but Enzo’s mic is cut out and Gallows and Anderson cause a quick interruption. Gallows says he paid someone in the production truck to get Enzo’s mic cut off. Enzo continues his promo without the mic and the crowd loves it and joins along. As announced, Enzo faces Anderson in a singles match up next.

Enzo Amore vs Karl Anderson: Enzo is able to get the early upper hand, but Anderson hits the spine buster following a distraction from Gallows. Anderson connects with kicks to the head, and drops him with a flying knee for a two count. Cass hits Anderson with the big boot from ringside, allowing Enzo to roll up Anderson from behind for the win.

Rusev stands in front of a screen cutting a promo on Reigns about their match at Hell in a Cell. He recaps what Reigns has done and says Reigns has done some despicable things. Rusev says at Hell in a Cell, he returns the favor and will do despicable things to Reigns.

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