WWE RAW Results 11/14/16 Highlights | Charlotte and Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox and Nia Jax


Charlotte and Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox and Nia Jax: Bayley is on commentary for the match. Prior to the match in a backstage segment, Sasha Banks warns Charlotte that she would be the reason for a loss in their match at Survivor Series. Nia is in control initially.

Alicia tags herself in, but Charlotte and Sasha start arguing and fighting with each other. Alicia comes off the top with a cross body splash on to both of them, but Sasha locks in the Banks statement on Alicia, who taps out. Bayley gets into the ring to celebrate with Banks after the match.

Mick Foley congratulates Jericho, Owens, Rollins and Strowman and Reigns on doing a good job tonight. Jericho tells Foley that he should be getting more credit from Foley, so Foley thanks Jericho once again, along with the rest of the team. Foley tells them to stick around to see the fireworks when he and Stephanie address their SmackDown Live counterparts later tonight.

Enzo and Cass, Gallows and Anderson vs the Golden Truth and the Shining Stars: Enzo and Cass throw the Stars outside, while Golden Truth throw out Gallows and Anderson outside early on. Anderson works on Truth, who comes back with a spinning heel kick. Primo and Cass get the respective tags, and Cass throws Primo into a spine buster. Gallows tags in and they hit the magic killer on Primo. Gallows and Anderson ‘order’ Enzo for a splash, but before he does, Gallows pins Primo. Gallows and Anderson laugh at Enzo and Cass while heading to the back.

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are out, Stephanie and Foley are waiting for them. Shane and Bryan confirm that they are not here to promote the 900th episode of SmackDown Live, but to promote Survivor Series.

Shane starts off by saying that SmackDown Live is the better show and that the roster has been drafted well for SmackDown. Come this Sunday, they will prove exactly why they are the best. Stephanie calls Shane a hypocrite for adding himself into the match and snatching an opportunity from a superstar to compete. She taunts him by asking how it would feel to lose. Bryan interjects and says Shane said that he likes jumping off tall structures, just like Foley. Stephanie retorts by saying that it’s different, given that Foley is not competing now.

Daniel says Shane competes because he is a true leader. Bryan thanks Foley for putting the cruiserweight title and division on the line. Foley says the reason he did that because he believes in both Brian Kendrick and Sami Zayn.

Stephanie is asked to step in and compete by her brother. Stephanie introduces Shane’s competition and she claims that they will show Shane how lazy and complacent they really are.

As the opponents stand around the ring, Bryan asks what made them think that they would be coming alone. He signals and the superstars from WWE SmackDown Live walk from the back and through the crowd.

Owens welcomes everyone to the Kevin Owens’ show. He asks AJ to get his hair out of his face, because on his show, his title does not mean anything. AJ retorts by saying that Owens’ title is a paper weight and that he is the face that runs the place now. Owens appreciates that Styles stole ‘someone’s’ catch phrase. He says the title means more now because he holds it now, and that he will prove it this Sunday.

Styles mocks Owens and says the only thing that he has proven is that he is Jericho’s sugar tit. (OUCH!!). Styles reminds him that he should be worried about the knife in his back or be added to the list.

Owens says Jericho will never turn his back on him and hugs Jericho (BROMANCE!). This is hilarious and epic at the same time! I was expecting a full out brawl like the good old times. Let’s see.

Jericho calls Styles a stupid idiot and adds him on to the list of Jericho. Jericho points at James Ellsworth and asks ‘what the hell is that?!’ Jericho calls Ellsworth a weird looking guy and on RAW, all weird looking guys make the list. Wyatt grabs a mic next and cuts a promo on Strowman for leaving him high and dry.

Ambrose punches Jericho out of nowhere and all the teams start brawling at inside (Yeah! An old fashioned brawl, finally!). Strowman drops Shane, till Ambrose and Styles team up and double team on Strowman.

Shane hits a clothesline on Strowman, sending him to the outside. Jericho hits his springboard drop kick on AJ, only to walk into an RKO from Randy Orton. Reigns hits Orton with a super man punch. Wyatt goes for the sister Abigail on Reigns, but Reigns fights out and hits a super man punch on him too! Styles calls for the Styles clash on Reigns, but Rollins makes the save and hits a pedigree on Styles. Rollins and Reigns throw Styles onto the rest of the team of SmackDown Live.

We end the show on this note. Do not forget to tune into SmackDown Live’s 900th episode tomorrow, where Undertaker would be making an appearance. The Rated R Superstar has been confirmed to return to host a very special episode of the Cutting Edge show.

A lot of rumors have been running around about Kurt Angle returning too, especially with Jim Ross claiming that after Goldberg, Kurt Angle would be the only legend that the WWE can bring back right now. The two hour episode is sure to be off the hook. No matches have been announced yet, but we will have to wait and watch about what transpires in the episode.

Also, expect some kind of confrontation, as always, the show’s brand would always maintain the upper hand in good old brawls. I am calling it right now. It’d be interesting to see what happens between the Miz and Dolph Ziggler, heading into the Intercontinental championship.

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