WWE RAW Results 16 August 2016 Continued!


Mick Foley says Jon Stewart is going to be at Summerslam. Seth Rollins walks by and says he is still unable to locate the demon Finn Balor. Foley suggests that he head out to the ring and call out the demon.

Seth is in the ring, calling out the Demon. The lights go out and we have smoke and effects. Balor crawls to the ring al ’a The Boogeyman in his demon outfit. They stare and start trading blows. Connect with drop kicks. Rollins retreats by rolling to the outside and is laid out with a suicide dive by Balor. Rollins retreats as Balor stares from the ring.

Gallows and Anderson vs the Golden Truth: Thankfully, no Pokémon Go tonight. Gallows starts off against Truth and hits a big boot. Tags are made to the respective members of the team, Goldust hits a spinning power slam on Anderson for a near fall. Gallows gets the tag and he hits the Magic Killer on Goldust to pick up the win.

After the match, Gallows and Anderson are laid out by Woods and Kingston. Woods goes to hit Anderson on his groin, but Gallows drags him out of harm’s way.

Charlotte vs Alicia Fox: We are graced by the Boss’ presence for this match. She’s on commentary. Prior to the match, there’s an exchange between Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Alicia hits with drop kicks for a near fall. Charlotte connects with the natural selection for the win.

Charlotte calls out Banks after the match and she responds. Dana also interferes, and off the distraction, Charlotte puts the figure 8 on Sasha, while Dana restrains the referees.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev: Pretty much a decent match here, with Reigns on the offence right from the moment go. At the end, Reigns tries to go for the spear, but Rusev counters with two kicks. Rusev avoids the Superman punch and puts Reigns in the accolade. Reigns breaks the hold and avoids a clothesline and connects with a spear for the win.

Roman Reigns stands tall as we go to the close of  show

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