WWE RAW Results 25 July 2016– Continued Part 4


Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns: The winner of this match faces the number one contender for the new WWE Universal Championship title at Summerslam! They exchange words backstage prior to their match. Reigns starts off with a show of power by tossing Balor around during the initial moments.

Balor counters with his moves, works mostly on Reigns’ left knee. Reigns returns with a suplex and power bomb! Near fall! Reigns goes for the superman punch, but misses. Balor takes the action outside the ring.

Stomp for the 2 count to the back of Reigns’ head. Sling blade but Reigns kicks out at two! Reigns connects with the Superman punch but Balor kicks at out at two! Reigns connects with a couple of power bombs! Balor still kicks out!!!! Reigns goes for the spear, but is reversed into a Sling blade by Balor! What a counter!! Balor wasting no time follows it up with a drop kick and a stomp off the top rope for the pin!!!!!!! Finn Balor faces Seth Rollins at Summerslam!!!!!!

After the match, Reigns says that he respects Balor and hopes he wins against Rollins at Summerslam. He would want to face Balor for another match.

Thoughts: Talk about making an impact!! One of the best RAW’s in recent times, in terms of match quality and giving the WWE universe what they wanted! Balor vs Seth Rollins is definitely a killer match already!! It would be interesting to see how Reigns is going to be booked heading into the biggest party of the summer. With Lesnar vs Orton being another match to watch out for!! As of now, these are the two matches penciled in for Summerslam from RAW’s perspective.

Expect a match for the Women’s title between the Boss and Charlotte! Along with maybe Bayley going against Dana Brooke. The club will go against the New Day for the tag titles. Happy birthday Finn Balor, and welcome to Monday Night RAW! We have been waiting for you.

It would be interesting to see what Smack Down live comes up with to compete with RAW!

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