WWE RAW Results 25th July 2016 – Part 2!


Talk about cross product promotion, the ‘Golden Truth’ are seen playing Pokémon Go backstage, interrupting Sasha who is preparing for her match.

Fatal Way 2: Roman Reigns vs Chris Jericho vs Sheamus vs Sami Zayn: Similar to the previous match, the heels team up against Reigns while Zayn looks on. They drop Reigns to the outside and turn their attention to Zayn. Reigns comes back laying all out Zayn after Zayn sends the heels out. Jericho turns on Sheamus and attacks him with his springboard dropkick. Reigns then hits a suicide drive on all the three athletes outside the ring.

Zayn hits some great moves back in the ring, but is eventually put into the walls by Jericho, only to be stopped by Sheamus. Reigns hits Superman punches to everyone! Excellent counter by Jericho to the spear into a code breaker for a near fall. Reigns hits another spear for the pin on Jericho.

Thoughts: Jericho carried Zayn for most of the match. Seems to be a nice way to have both of them enter into a feud, maybe after Zayn is done with Owens. Another match to establish Reigns as ‘the guy’. Pretty decent match and show thus far!

New Day are out to cut a promo about their long title reign. They pick a random member of the WWE universe to be an honorary member of the New Day. Lots of fun elements, till they are interrupted by the Club. They beat down the New Day, throwing Xavier and Kofi outside. Magic Killer on Big E. They now turn their attention to the honorary member. They blow their noses on the New Day’s attire and fling it at him.

Thoughts: An excellent way to build up the Club as formidable opponents for the New Day. Excellent heel work by Anderson and Gallows! Shades of the Bullet Club we all want to see!

Neville vs Curtis Axel: Neville starts off the favorite for the match. Seems to be a way to give him a momentum post the draft. Not much of offense from Axel here. Neville picks up the win with a back suplex and Red Arrow.

Backstage, Darren Young is being given a pep talk by Bob Backlund, to be interrupted by the Golden Truth. Buckland freaks out and yells Young is going to win the I.C. Title.

Part 3 Continued!

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