WWE RAW Results (8/1) Continued!


Backstage, Jericho is responding to the earlier comments made against him by Enzo. Lots of typical Jericho heel work here and he says he has someone to watch his back tonight. Kevin Owens, volunteers as expected!

We are still awaiting the Beast’s arrival for an already awesome show thus far!!

Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn: Some great moves and amazing counters between the two! Zayn hits the clothesline, pile driver, and a blue thunder bomb for the near fall. Rollins comes back with a super kick and goes for the pedigree but is countered by a tornado DDT from Zayn! Woah! These are really great moves and counters! Rollins rolls to the outside to recoup and Zayn connects with a suicide dive over the top rope. Back in the ring, Zayn goes for the big boot, but is countered into a pedigree by Rollins. Rollins picks up the win!

Thoughts: This was a great match as expected, helped to show that Rollins is indeed ready for all the moves that Balor throws at him! It’s been a great RAW thus far, over taking last week’s raw in terms of matches and feuds!! Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the Beast to make his presence felt.

The beast makes his way to the ring to a loud pop! He’s joined by his advocate Paul Heyman, who cuts a promo about how great his client is! Excellent promo work by Heyman here, who says that he assures us all that his client would entertain us at Summerslam! He makes fun of Orton’s music, and says that the voices in Orton’s head should tell him that Lesnar is going to kick his ass at Summerslam!! Heyman says that RKO is the only chance for Orton to slay the beast, but the beast would never give him that chance! Immediately, Orton makes his way through the crowd and hits an RKO out of nowhere on the beast!!!! Orton stands tall and stares at Lesnar in the ring!

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Thoughts: The best in the world on the mic, did what he does the best!! The RKO was unexpected!! Randy made his statement without wasting time on the mic!! Although it was expected that Heyman would address Orton’s recent comments!

A great show!! A definite 9/10. SmackDown, take note!

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