WWE RAW Results 9/12/16


This week’s episode of RAW comes in from the Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore MD. We start things off with Mick Foley, who says that he thinks RAW currently has the best women’s wrestling on TV today. He brings out the women’s champion, Charlotte and her protégé Dana Brooke. Charlotte says her mentorship of Dana is over. Dana apologizes. Foley interrupts and says that’s not why he called them out, but to have a title defense. This brings out the boss, Sasha Banks, who says that she is the actual face of the company and says she is going to take the title from Charlotte at Clash of Champions.

Bayley interrupts and says that she defeated Charlotte last week and deserves a shot at the title. Dana also tries making her case, but Charlotte silences her. Foley says it is going to be Sasha vs Bayley and the winner takes on Charlotte at Clash of Champions. Charlotte blames Dana, who has heard enough by now. She slaps Charlotte, prompting Foley to add her to the match.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Dana Brooke: As expected, the faces focus most of their attention on the heel. They finally turn their attention to each other, by throwing Dana out of the ring. They go back and forth for a couple of minutes, till Dana pulls Sasha to the outside and shoves her into the apron. Dana turns her attention to Bayley, but Sasha breaks up a fireman’s carry attempt for a near fall. Sasha connects with a double knee strike on Dana for another near fall. Bayley hits a cross body on Sasha for a near fall. Dana throws Bayley outside and walks into a backstabber and banks statement by the Boss. Bayley breaks up the submission and hits a belly to belly on Dana. Sasha breaks up the pin and rolls up Bayley for the win. After the match, Dana tries apologizing to Charlotte, who wants nothing to do with her and asks her to pack her bags.

Kevin Owens is interviewed about his match with Roman Reigns. Owens says Rollins is jealous of him and that Reigns does not belong in the same ring as him. He says Mick Foley was never on the same level as his ‘mentor’ Triple H. Owens says he’s walking out as the champion at Clash of Champions. Jericho says Sami Zayn is the special guest on the highlight reel tonight!

The shining stars are trying to sell R-truth a vacation package. Truth says he will sign up, but Goldust interrupts and ruins it. Enzo and Cass show up and they call the Shining stars haters and con-men. Enzo and Cass challenge them to a match tonight and they accept.

Bo Dallas vs Brandon Scott: Dallas cuts a promo prior to the match about ‘believing in Bo’. Scott gets on the offense initially, but Bo hits him with a spinning power slam and a back breaker. Bo hits a spinning reverse DDT for the win.

Jericho is out to host the highlight reel next. He says that it was supposed to be Kevin Owens as his guest tonight, but since Foley put him in a match against Reigns, he has to settle with Sami Zayn. Jericho makes fun of Zayn being dumped as Owens’ best friend, and claims that now he has replaced him. Zayn calls Jericho a stupid idiot for believing that. Jericho says Zayn and everyone in the crowd is jealous. Zayn says the gift of Jericho crappy and says Jericho sounds ridiculous these days and says that Owens and he got into the business because of what Jericho used to be, along with Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko. Zayn says nowadays Jericho is Kevin Owens’ bitch. Jericho slams a phone that he pulls out claiming to get a text from Owens onto Zayn’s head and hits the codebreaker and leaves.

Cesaro vs Sheamus: Sheamus gets distracted by the crowd, allowing Cesaro to hit a big clothesline for a near fall. Sheamus hits a series of spears in the corner, but Cesaro counters with a running uppercut sending Sheamus to the outside. Cesaro hits a splash of the apron dropping Sheamus on the outside, following it up with another uppercut. Sheamus hits a backbreaker and goes for a suplex. Cesaro fights out and hits a cross body for a near fall. Cesaro goes for the neutralizer but is unable to hit it. He puts Sheamus in the sharp shooter, but Sheamus escapes. Time for the Cesaro swing! Just after one round, Sheamus hits the back breaker for a two count. Cesaro avoids the Celtic cross and rolls up Sheamus using the ropes for leverage and picks up the win. Scores are Sheamus: 3, Cesaro: 2 in the best of 7 series.


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