WWE Rumors: John Cena or Chris Jericho expected to win this year’s Royal Rumble


The countdown to Royal Rumble has almost begun and we already have a gist of what we can expect from the event. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar have been announced as participants in the Rumble match. With Lesnar being added to the mix, we are assuming that this would be the setup for the third bout between Lesnar and Goldberg at WrestleMania 33.

Just a few days ago we had posted about Chris Jericho being in one of the best phases of his WWE career with his current run.

A recent report from the WWE Leaks shows that the odds of Chris Jericho winning the rumble have increased. The writer of the report claims that two of the favorites to win the rumble this year would be John Cena or Chris Jericho. It appears both the superstars have major storylines involving their chase towards championship gold.

Jericho is involved with Owens as a part of their ‘best friends’ storyline. This past week on RAW, both Owens and Jericho decided that it was Reigns’ fault that Team RAW lost the match at Survivor Series. Ironically, Kevin Owens is scheduled to face Roman Reigns at the upcoming Roadblock pay per view. If Owens retains, it can be expected that he would carry the title heading into the Rumble.

Should this happen, there might be a possibility of a storyline where Jericho always helps out Owens for his matches, but Owens never really returns the favor. That could possibly lead to souring their relationship and setting up a mega match between the two. For that to happen, the only way is to have Jericho win the Rumble match. It is worth mentioning that Jericho has never won a rumble match in his career.

Cena, on the other hand is just one title reign away from breaking Ric Flair’s record of 16 title reigns. Having Cena win would cement him in a position to win the title for a 16th time. With Taker expected to face Styles, this might be the way forward for both Cena and the WWE.

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