WWE SmackDown Live Results – 12/20/2016


We are about witness the next episode of the second longest running television series, SmackDown Live. We are fresh off from RAW and their final pay per view for the year, WWE Roadblock. As always, in case you missed the coverage of RAW, here are the quick results from the show from you:

  1. Rusev def. Big Cass via disqualification
  2. Cedric Alexander def. Noam Dar.
  3. Sheamus, Cesaro and the New Day def. The Club and the Shining Stars.
  4. Titus O’Neil vs Sin Cara: No contest due to interference from Braun Strowman.
  5. Bayley def. Charlotte
  6. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs Jeri-KO: No contest due to an interference from Braun Strowman again.

We had new tag team titles for the new tag team champions, Cesaro and Sheamus. For starters, they won the title at the Roadblock pay per view. It was also announced on this week’s RAW that Kevin Owens will be defending his Universal championship against the current United States Champion, Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble pay per view event from San Antonio, Texas.

A stipulation to the match is that Chris Jericho will be suspended above the ring in a shark cage to prevent him from interfering in the match on Owens’ behalf.

This week’s episode of SmackDown Live has two matches announced previously. Dean Ambrose will be facing member of the Wyatt family, Luke Harper with both Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton in Luke Harper’s corner for the match. Tonight’s episode is scheduled to take place live from the Joe Louis Arena, in Detroit, Michigan.

Surprisingly, we open the show with the match for AJ Styles’ WWE Championship match. He will finally defend his gold against James Ellsworth.

AJ Styles vs James Ellsworth for the WWE Championship: AJ makes his way out first. He knocks out Ellsworth with a series of knocks early on and coolly pins Ellsworth nonchalantly for the win in a very short squash match. Post-match, AJ beats down Ellsworth and tosses him around ringside. It looks as if he is about to head to the back, but changes his mind and returns to the ring.

Looks like AJ is not finished and he has a change of heart and heads back to the ring and suplexes Ellsworth into the fan barricade. Post-match, AJ grabs a mic and cuts a promo saying that Ellsworth’s beat down was long time coming and we see trainers and EMT’s coming down to the ring and carrying Ellsworth in a stretcher to the back. AJ continues and says that he does not have to ask anything to Santa as he has everything he wants, including the WWE championship.

This brings out the current number one contender for the WWE championship, Dolph Ziggler who reminds AJ Styles that he is next in line for the WWE Championship.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is shown talking to Dolph Ziggler, who asks Daniel for a match against Baron Corbin. Bryan agrees and adds that if Baron Corbin defeats Ziggler tonight, he will replace Dolph Ziggler in the title match against AJ Styles.

The Miz vs Apollo Crews: Looks like this is a follow up from last week’s episode and the Tribute to the Troops show. Miz got into Crews’ face when Miz ‘tried’ to put comedian Gabriel Iglesias in his place. Crews takes control of the match with a huge drop kick. The Miz rolls to the outside to recoup and Crews follows him with a flying moonsault off the apron. Crews connects with a cross-body off the top rope once the action comes back into the ring and goes for a pin but gets only a two count.

Maryse tries to interfere, but the referee catches her almost immediately and sends her back, banning her from ringside. Crews follows with a couple of suplexes with the referee getting taken down in one of them. While the referee is down, the Miz hits a thumb to the eye of Crews and connects with the skull crushing finale for the win.

Renee Young interviews the Miz about his obsession with Dean Ambrose. Miz retaliates by saying that she is the one who is obsessed with Dean Ambrose as she is the one sleeping with him. Renee slaps the Miz across his face and walks away.

Natalya is out to the ring, and she calls Nikki Bella to the ring to clear the air regarding the Survivor Series misunderstanding. Carmella interrupts and airs out a few things that Natalya said about Nikki. This brings out Nikki too who asks Natalya whether all of this is true and whether it was really she who attacked her at Survivor Series. Natalya does not say anything and ends up chasing Carmella up the ramp.

She throws Carmella into a Christmas tree, a few boxes and Carmella runs off to the back. Natalya then picks up a mic and tells Nikki that it was indeed her who attacked her at Survivor Series and that Nikki is a b*#ch. She claims herself to be from wrestling royalty while Nikki and her sister got everything due to their looks. Natalya tells her that she does not have any charisma and that John Cena would never marry her and walks off. Ouch! So does this mean Carmella will turn face?

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper: As announced previously, both Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton are at ringside for the match. Harper takes control of the match after Ambrose fails to connect with an early Dirty Deeds. Ambrose rolls to the outside and Harper follows him. Harper throws Ambrose into the steel steps and once back in the ring, applies something like a variant of the cross face on him. Harper applies the Torture Rack, but Ambrose fights out of it and drops Harper with a clothesline.

He follows it up with a splash in the corner and calls for a bull dog but Harper throws Ambrose into the turnbuckle and drops him with a super kick. Ambrose goes to the top and connects with a splash onto both Wyatt and Orton after working for a bit on Luke Harper’s throat who moved to the outside to recoup.

Ambrose walks into a power bomb from Harper. Harper goes for the cover but Ambrose kicks out at two and almost immediately rolls Harper in the small package for the win.

Post-match, Wyatt and Orton beat down on Ambrose and Orton connects with an RKO and celebrates in the ring with Wyatt and Harper.

After the attack, the Wyatt family leave. As Ambrose tries to recover, the Miz and Maryse come out. The Miz connects with a skull crushing finale on Ambrose and stands over Ambrose with his Intercontinental Championship raised high.

La Luchadora (Becky Lynch) vs Alexa Bliss: Becky gives a lot of trouble to Alexa in the initial moments of the match and gets her in the cross arm breaker move from the top for the win via submission. Post-match, Becky takes off her mask to reveal her true identity.

Actor Ryan Phillipe is shown looking for Randy Orton but finds Mojo Rawley and Curt Hawkins. Mojo and Hawkins get into each other’s faces and they’ve got a match tonight.

Mojo Rawley vs Curt Hawkins: Ryan Phillipe is on commentary for the match and thanks the fans for watching his new show, Shooter which airs after SmackDown Live. Mojo takes control of the match after a big shoulder block and follows it up with a back body drop.

Mojo connects with a couple of splashes in the corner and clotheslines, following it up with another splash in the corner and a pouncing shoulder block. Mojo follows it up with a running forearm shot in the corner for the win.

James Ellsworth is shown covered in bandages, a cast and a neck brace. Carmella walks in and grabs Ellsworth and says she is going to take care of him and they walk off screen together.

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin: If Corbin wins, he will replace Ziggler in next week’s match against AJ Styles as the number one contender.

As expected, AJ Styles is on commentary for the match. Ziggler starts off with a series of strikes, but Corbin uses his size advantage to drop Ziggler with knees and kicks. Corbin drops Ziggler with another knee on the outside right in front of AJ Styles to make a ‘statement’. Corbin continues the offense with a running forearm and slams Ziggler into the ring post.

Ziggler retaliates with a fame asser for a two count. Corbin drops Ziggler with a forearm and gets distracted talking trash when Ziggler rolls him up for another two count.

Ziggler comes back with a neck breaker and a Zig-Zag for another near fall. Corbin connects with elbows and a Deep-Six for a near fall of his own. The action spills to the outside, and Corbin slams Ziggler into the barricade multiple times as the referee continues to count. Corbin launches Ziggler into Styles, but Ziggler comes back with a drop kick that drops Corbin. Both men are down in the ring, as the referee completes the ten count and calls for the bell. The match ends in a double count-out/no-contest.

Post-match, AJ Styles attacks both competitors with steel chair shots. Daniel Bryan interrupts and books AJ Styles in a triple threat match next week for the WWE Championship against both Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler. Styles is shocked as we go off-air.

–End of Show—

As announced previously, WWE Superstar, John Cena makes his long awaited come back to the ring.

Also announced for next week are:

SmackDown Live Women’s Championship match: Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss.

SmackDown Live Tag team Champions, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt defend their tag team gold against Heath Slater and Rhyno, the Usos and the American Alpha in a Four Corners’ match.

As previously revealed, AJ Styles defends his WWE championship against both Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin in a triple threat match.

Next week’s episode happens to be the last episode of the year for SmackDown Live. Make sure you would join us for live play by play coverage as usual.

In other news, WWE hall of famer, Sting was named the new ‘intimidation coach’ for the Dallas Cowboys recently. Also, Zack Ryder posted an image of his injury from last week and provided and update that he had begun his rehab process and that it was going fine.

It is expected that Sasha Banks would be turning heel soon, with Bayley heading into her match against Charlotte as the popular baby face. The two are scheduled to begin working a program sometime in the near future.

That’s all from us, Happy Holidays, everyone!

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