WWE SmackDown Live Results 16 August 2016


This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live is coming in from the Frank Erwin Center from Austin, TX.

We open the show with a segment between Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton together. Randy is talking about his match on Sunday. We are interrupted by Heath Slater who asks for a SmackDown Live contract. Randy says he has an idea, and challenges Slater to a match later tonight.

Next, the Miz and Maryse are out to have a new episode of the Miz TV. Even before he finishes his first sentence, Dean Ambrose makes an appearance. He is then confronted by Dolph Ziggler. Ambrose and Ziggler get into each other’s face and the Miz tries to separate them. Ziggler tells the Miz to shut up and he continues his trash talk with Ambrose. Out of nowhere, Ziggler connects with a super kick and Ambrose is out cold.

The Usos, Hype Bros & American Alpha vs Breezango, The Ascension and The Vaudevillians: We finally see the Usos back together. Good to see a reunion. As expected, the Usos and American Alpha get all of their spots on the heels in the match. As expected, Jason Jordan and Jey Uso get into an argument as to who is going to finish the match, allowing Jordan to hit a suplex.

The Ascension breaks up the pin, leading to a string of signature moves by all the athletes. The match ends after American Alpha hits the Grand Amplitude on Tyler Breeze for the win. This seems to have sowed the seeds for a rivalry between the Usos and American Alpha.

Eva Marie vs Naomi: We are informed that Eva Marie will not compete tonight due to delayed flights. This is getting boring now.

Heath Slater vs Randy Orton: Orton is shown to control the initial moments of the match. Randy does not let go off Slater from the corner, leading to the referee quickly stopping the match. Orton throws Slater to the outside and hits a suplex on the barricade, following it up with a DDT. Orton throws Slater into the ring and he hits a couple of German suplexes on Slater.

Dean Ambrose vs Eric Rowan: Bray Wyatt is at ringside for this match. Ambrose is in control right from the word go. He hits a drop kick to Rowan sending him outside. Once the action goes back into the ring, Rowan comes back with a spinning power slam. Ambrose ducks a big boot and comes back with a series of elbows and a huge back suplex. Ambrose hits another elbow again off the top for a near fall. Rowan now hits the spinning heel kick for another match. Rowan goes for a power bomb, but Ambrose avoids it and hits the dirty deeds for the win.

Post-match, I am thinking we are witnessing the breakup of the Wyatt family, with Bray leaving Rowan’s mask on the apron and walks off.

Becky Lynch and Carmella vs Alexa Bliss and Natalya: Carmella and Natalya start things off, picking off from where they left last week. Carmella hits the spinning head scissors takeovers. Becky gets the hot tag and clears the ring off the heels. She hits a Becksploder on Natalya, for a near fall. Becky and Natalya collide mid-way. Immediately, Eva Marie’s music hits and she comes out. Naomi comes out who chases Eva to ring side. Despite the distraction, Becky gets Natalya in the Dis-arm-her for the win via submission. This Eva Marie thing seems to be developing as the next heel for the divas division.

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio: AJ Styles is on commentary for the match. Initially, Cena gets distracted by AJ, leading to Del Rio gaining control of the match. Cena goes for the AA, but Del Rio connects with German suplexes. Del Rio connects with a big boot, DDT for a near fall. Cena connects with the five moves of doom, but the AA is avoided by Del Rio who hits a backbreaker and kick to the head. This is another near fall. Cena gets out of the cross arm breaker and gets Del Rio into the STF. Del Rio gets Cena in an arm bar, but Cena power bombs him and hits the AA for the pin fall victory.

AJ Styles hits the rings and hits the phenomenal forearm and cuts a promo on Cena. AJ is about to leave, but Cena hits the AA out of nowhere. He hits an AA off the steel steps through the announce table.

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