WWE SmackDown Live results 9/6/16 Continued!


Naomi, Nikki and Becky vs. Carmella, Alexa and Natalya: Lots of athletic moves, back and forth action. Pretty difficult to keep up with the pace of the match here, first of its kind in the women’s division. We start things off with Naomi and Alexa in the ring. Naomi starts off with her multi jump kicks and that prompts Alexa to tag in Carmella. Naomi takes Carmella down, and Becky comes in and takes down Carmella, with both women reversing each other’s moves. First pin fall of the match, Becky pins. Nikki tags in but Carmella avoids Nikki. We head to the commercial.

Becky is in control after we are back, and hits the half kick and a running elbow, following it up with exploder suplex. Natalya trips Becky of the apron to the floor. Carmella brings Becky into the ring, tagging Natalya in and they double team. Tag to Alexa (this is too quick to call here!), double team snap snare and wishbone. Alexa gets a near fall. Becky hits the small package for another near fall. Natalya tags in and hits a forearm to Nikki, another near fall. Lots of moves here, I just lost count mid-way. Towards the end, Nikki is down, and Carmella gets her inverted Triangle choke and Nikki taps out for the win. The heels win! This here, is one of the best divas matches in the recent times.

The Usos vs the American Alpha: The Usos jumps both of them out. They showed a lot of aggression, am calling a heel turn here. But the American Alpha tossed out one of them out and hit the great amplitude, to pick up the win. Woah the match was done within a minute! After the match, the Usos take out the American Alpha, and thereby cementing their heel turn. Tequila sun rise on Chad by Jimmy who hits a frog splash on Gable’s leg. Vince will be a happy man now!

Orton is interviewed backstage asked to respond to Bray. He says Bray likes telling stories and he has one story too. It’s the story of a snake watching a man kill a rabbit for food and waiting for the man to be off guard so that it could have both the man and the rabbit as food. Wow!

Fandango is out solo and says that Breeze is in Dubai fetching silk for a fashion show. He grabs a woman from the audience and starts fandangoing. Fandango asks for someone who has a fire in their belly to come out, bringing out the monster Kane. Fandango likes it and asks if Kane wants to dance. Kane hits the choke slam and leaves. Wow.

AJ Styles cuts a promo on some guys backstage who’re on their phones, thankfully not playing Pokémon go. We head to another commercial and we have a plug in for Connor’s cure and KFC. We have quotes played about Curt Hawkins and it is announced that he returns next week.

The Hype bros vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno: Pretty decent match here, with lots of back and forth action. Heath and Rhyno pick up the win with Rhyno hitting the gore on Ryder for the win.

At Backlash, it is the American Alpha vs Heath Slater and Rhyno. The American Alpha might be ‘injured’, so expect a twist in the tale here.

The world champion is out, followed by AJ Styles. Dean asks Charlie to leave because AJ is nervous around women. Dean gifts AJ a gift in a duffel bag, which is a bowling participation trophy. HE says that is the only trophy AJ is going to win! Dean tells him not to live in the past and shows him a clipping from last week. Dean pokes fun at AJ’s hair. AJ says that he beat John Cena and he will take the title from Dean just like how he took Cena’s arm band.

Intense words from Dean, who says he is not John Cena and their match is not a wrestling match, but a battle field. He says once he defeats AJ, he is not going to wear AJ’s jockstrap. He says he’d better take the trophy since there is no place for second comers. AJ kicks Dean in the groin and destroys the trophy to end the show.

Great SmackDown! Excellent show overall!

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