WWE SmackDown Live Results, Analysis, Reaction And Winners From October 18


The October 18th episode of WWE SmackDown Live comes in from the Pepsi Center, at Denver, CO.

We open the show with James Ellsworth taping up and getting ready for his title match against AJ Styles tonight. Dean Ambrose walks in and encourages Ellsworth and offers a shirt with a face of him on it.

Randy Orton is out next. He cuts a promo on Bray Wyatt, saying he is more evil than he ever thought. He says he is losing his mind and that he is coming for Bray Wyatt. We see sheep masked druids standing around a casket on a big screen. Bray is lying in a casket. Wyatt says he is going to take Orton on a journey. Luke Harper is out next and we have ourselves a match.

Randy Orton vs Luke Harper: Orton is in control of the first few minutes of the match. He hits a superplex on Harper off the middle rope. Immediately after the suplex, the lights go out and Bray Wyatt is wheeled out in the casket. This distraction leads to Harper attacking Orton and laying him out. Wyatt interferes and Harper lays out Orton with a big boot. Wyatt opens the casket and tries to put Orton into the casket. The casket is opened and we say the big red monster, Kane in the casket. Holy cow! Kane sits up like his brother in the casket and Kane cleans house. The lights go out immediately and Wyatt and Harper disappear! This is one of the creepiest promos of all time! The winner by DQ is, Randy Orton.

AJ Styles is giving an interview where he says that he cannot believe that he is getting into the ring with a waste of space like James Ellsworth. AJ worries that Ambrose would cause a distraction and cost him the title. He says that would be a big disappointment like David Arquette winning the WCW championship.

Alexa Bliss vs Naomi: Naomi is on the offense initially. She hits kicks, and drop kicks. She follows it up with a spring board splash for a two count.

There is a lot of back and forth action and Naomi goes to the top rope, but Alexa avoids and kicks her off in the head couple of times. Bliss follows it up with the twisted bliss off the top rope for the win!

Apollo Crews vs Curt Hawkins: We have a promo of Curt Hawkins facts during his entrance. He cuts a brief promo on Crews and says that he should change his name to Apollo Lose. Crews has heard enough and he drops Hawkins with a right hand and Hawkins rolls outside. Hawkins says that Crews has ruined his debut and walks away. The match ends in a no contest.

Carmella is out next to cut a promo about Nikki Bella. Nikki immediately interrupts. Nikki says Carmella should say whatever she has to say to her face. Nikki talks about how she improved and proved the odds wrong by coming back from a career threatening injury. She says that the words fearless and never give up are what she truly believes in. Carmella says the only reason Nikki has whatever she has is because Nikki is pretty. She used her own sister and more importantly because she is John Cena’s girlfriend. Nikki says Carmella is like all the internet bullies and that she has no qualms about flaunting her relationship. Carmella calls Nikki a whiny gold-digger and shows a video package highlighting embarrassing moments from Nikki’s realty show. They continue to trash talk each other and Carmella leaves. Lots of personal shots fired here.

James Ellsworth is doing an interview and he says he is very nervous and that it would be an honor to tell his grandchildren that he had competed for the WWE World Heavyweight title on SmackDown Live.

The Miz and Spirit Squad vs Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater and Rhino: This seems to be a follow up from last week’s match. Rhino starts things off with lot of offense on both members of Spirit Squad. Ziggler and Miz make tags for themselves in their respective teams and Ziggler takes down the Miz.

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