WWE SmackDown Live Results Aug 23, 2016


This week’s episode of SmackDown Live comes in from the Mohegan Sun Arena, in Uncasville, CT.

We open the show with AJ Styles entering the locker room area and telling everyone that he is the face that runs the place now. He makes fun of Dolph Ziggler for losing against Dean Ambrose. He also wears Cena’s headband. Ziggler gets into AJ’s face and the both exchange blows to be separated almost immediately.

We cut to the ring, where we have two new belts. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan come to the ring to announce new titles and we are informed about the SmackDown Women’s Title and the tag team titles that would be crowned at Backlash. The hottest free agent, Heath Slater makes his way through the audience and he complains that Shane and Bryan are taking away all of his opportunities. He says that he can find any tag team partner to go after the tag titles. Bryan says if Heath is able to find a tag team partner by the end of the night, he along with his tag team partner can enter the tag team tournament.

McMahon says that the only way Slater will be able to get a spot on the roster if he is able to win the whole tournament. Slater says he won’t give Shane and Bryan the chance to regret their decision. AJ Styles comes out next, complaining but is attacked from behind by Dolph Ziggler. They are again broken up.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss: Natalya and Naomi are at ring side for the match. After the few minutes of back and forth action, Alexa takes control over the match with a kick to the head. Becky connects with a flying clothesline and Alexa comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Becky hits the Dis-arm-her out of nowhere for the win!!

Slater looks for his tag team partner. He approaches the Miz, and although it appears that Miz is happy with the offer, it is later revealed that he is talking to someone else over the phone via Bluetooth.

The Usos vs The Ascension: The Ascension go on the offensive initially. The Ascension uses frequent tags to maintain control over Jimmy. Jey gets the hot tag and hits a splash off the top rope on Victor for a near fall. Jey follows up with a super kick and a Samoan drop. Connor interferes and gets kicked out by Jimmy, who follows it up with a suicide dive on Connor on the outside. Jey hits a super kick and a splash over the top for the win.

AJ Styles is out, complaining about Dolph Ziggler being jealous of what he has achieved. He makes himself the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Ziggler comes out and goes to attack, but is refrained by referees. Daniel Bryan comes out and say that they are going to have a match between Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles tonight, with the winner of the match getting a shot at Dean Ambrose’s title.

Nikki Bella vs Carmella: Carmella attacks Nikki from behind while giving an interview to Renee Young before the match. Referees separate the two and it is a no contest.

Randy Orton comes out and addresses his loss against Lesnar. He says that he does not like the way the match ended and that he will cross paths with Lesnar again. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt is out. He sits at ringside and mocks Orton for losing. He calls Orton a man and himself a God who can never die! Wow! Wyatt says Orton will find out about him in time and the lights go out and Bray disappears.

Shane McMahon says that he feels his sister did not take the attack on him seriously. She ended up fining him 500$. He says the issue between them is far from over.

Heath Slater is looking for tag team partners. HE comes up to Arn Anderson and asks him to join him. Anderson says he is a tag team specialist but even he cannot help Slater. Slater is dejected, but gets tapped on the back by Rhyno! Rhyno volunteers to be his tag team partner! They shake hands and it’s on!

American Alpha vs Breezango: American Alpha dominates the initial moments of the match with double team moves. Gable keeps working on Breeze till Fandango drops Gable behind the referees back. Jordan catches Fandango with a belly to belly suplex and hits another suplex. Jordon climbs to the top but Breeze super kicks him. For the near fall. Gable takes Fandango to the floor while Jordan and Breeze fight in the ring. Jordan connects with another belly to belly on Breeze and tags in Gable for the Grand Amplitude. They pick up the win. American Alpha advance in the tournament.

Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring and joins on commentary to watch the main event of the night to determine the number one contender for his title.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for your main event:

Dolph Ziggler vs AJ Styles: This match has spectacular written all over it even before the start. This is seeming out to be a pretty long match. Both men have tried every move they have in their arsenal, with both of them going out all guns. Styles is making spectacular moves here. After the first commercial break, as we head to the second, it’s still all Styles. Ziggler slowly gives a comeback, only to be stopped by Styles. Ziggler connects with a drop kick, followed by an elbow drop and a fame Asser for a near fall! WOW! Styles connects with an Ushigoroshi for another near fall! This match is living up to all the hype! Spring board DDT by Ziggler for a near fall. Styles gets a kick and tries to go for the Styles clash but is unsuccessful. Ziggler connects with the Zig Zag for another near fall! Spectacular! The crowd is coming alive! Every near fall is being appreciated and applauded! This has not happened in a long time! Styles capitalizes on attempt to hit the super kick and connects with the styles clash for the win.

Its official now, it is going to be AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose at Backlash. Expect this to be a slobber knocker!

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