WWE SmackDown Live Results October 18 – AJ Styles vs Ellsworth And More


Ziggler tries to follow up his offense with a super kick, but Miz ducks. Kenny tags himself in and attacks Ziggler and is in control of the match, thanks to a distraction from Maryse. Miz tags himself in and Ziggler drops him with a super kick. Kenny and Slater make tags. Miz and Ziggler brawl while Rhino hits the gore on Mikey. All of a sudden, Kenny rolls up Slater from behind and picks up the win for his team.

Baron Corbin vs Jack Swagger: There is a lot of back and for the brawling between both the athletes inside and outside of the ring. Corbin pins Swagger against the barricade, following it up with elbows. Corbin hits a knee to the head and follows it up with the End of Days for the win in a fairly short match.

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Dean Ambrose is talking to Daniel Bryan backstage about him being named the referee for the match between James Ellsworth and AJ Styles later. Bryan says he cannot allow Ambrose to be the guest referee, but he can be an announcer or a time keeper or anything he wants.

James Ellsworth vs AJ Styles: Ambrose is the announcer and the time keeper for the match. Ambrose causes the distraction on Styles early on, but Styles beats down on Ellsworth. Ambrose causes another distraction, and Ellsworth tries taking advantage of the distraction. AJ drops him with a head butt and continues offense. AJ suplexes Ellsworth. AJ chops Ellsworth and is about to go for a move from the top rope but Ambrose again causes the distraction. Ellsworth tries to take advantage, but in vain. AJ throws Ellsworth outside, but Ambrose throws him right back in. They take turns. Ellsworth drops AJ with a super kick for a two count. AJ comes back with a spine buster and elbows. The referee disqualifies Styles. Wait, what? James Ellsworth wins again! Via DQ!

After the match, Ambrose enters the ring and hits the dirty deeds on Styles. Ambrose helps Ellsworth to get to his feet as we go off air.

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