WWE SmackDown Live Results October 4 – American Alpha vs the Usos


Mojo tags himself in and clears the ring. He connects with a shoulder block and follows it up with the Stinger splash. Mojo hits something like an F5 on English. Ryder meanwhile lays out Gotch. The Hype Bros double team on English and hit the Hype Ryder for the win.

The Miz is out next. He asks Dolph Ziggler to join him. Miz shows a video highlighting the failures of Ziggler’s career. Miz goes to the extent of calling Ziggler’s career as ‘eleven years of mediocrity’ and makes a video of all embarrassing moments from Ziggler’s career. Ziggler says whatever he does, he does for the fans. Miz asks him to forget about the fans, and that his career is over this Sunday. Miz brings out two members of the Spirit squad to ‘lift’ Ziggler’s spirits. The spirit squad do a song on Ziggler and Miz pokes fun for being a part of the group. Ziggler starts yelling and the spirit squad attack him from behind.

The Miz leaves while the spirit squad celebrate in the ring. Ziggler gets up and super kicks both his former team mates and yells at Miz. This feud is getting intense! Can’t wait for the match at No Mercy! Miz is being the perfect heel and Ziggler is carrying the tag of the sympathetic baby face perfectly.

American Alpha vs the Usos: Usos still continue to work on Gable’s injured knee. Jordan tags in and connects with a german suplex but the move is stopped mid-way reversed into a roll up pin on Jey for the three count. After the match the Usos beat down the American Alpha and go for the double team but Heath Slater and Rhino come in to make the save.

Jack Swagger vs Baron Corbin: I thought this match was expected to take place next week! Corbin is in control for most of the initial moments. Swagger avoids a spear and boots Corbin following it up with clotheslines and a powerslam. Swagger puts Corbin in the ankle lock and the referee rules that Corbin tapped out. Winner: Jack Swagger.

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