WWE SmackDown Live Results October 4 – showdown between AJ Styles, John Cena and Dean Ambrose


AJ Styles is in the ring. He mocks Cena by saying ‘The Champ is here’. He talks about SmackDown being the land of opportunity for him. He is interrupted by Dean Ambrose, who cuts a promo on Styles and goes off on John Cena for Cena’s interference in his match last week. Cena comes out and even before Cena can say anything, Styles asks him to shut up. Cena again tries to say something only to be interrupted by Dean Ambrose this time. Ambrose calls Cena a backstage ass kisser and says he only plays john Cena on TV.

Cena spears Ambrose and throws AJ Styles out of the ring. He connects with the attitude adjustment on Ambrose and holds up the WWE Heavyweight title. AJ runs back in and spears Cena. Cena fights out of the blows AJ throws at him, but AJ connects with the phenomenal forearm. AJ begins to walk back, only to be jumped from behind by Dean Ambrose who hits him with the dirty deeds. Ambrose holds the title as we end show.

Thoughts: Pretty short matches tonight. As expected, I am calling Baron Corbin and Jack Swagger to have a match at No Mercy, along with the Usos probably squaring off against the American Alpha and Heath and Rhino. Overall, the promos between Orton and Wyatt were not as intense as last week. This week’s promos ended with Orton gaining the upper hand in their game of hide and seek.

The WWE Heavyweight title match is getting intense. And by the looks of it, it appears WWE may not go ahead with making Cena the 16 time world champion at No Mercy. They may save it for WrestleMania. The divas put on a great match, however not as exciting as the RAW match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte. The most intense promo of the night was Ziggler’s promo. Good to see the guys from Spirit Squad. Hopefully they’d join the roster soon. Still there is no sign of Curt Hawkins.

Overall rating – 3.5/5.

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