WWE SmackDown Live Results | Winners, Grades, Reaction and Analysis From October 4


Tonight’s episode comes in from the Valley View Casino center, from San Diego, CA. This is the hometown of Nikki Bella. It has been announced on the pre-show that Bray Wyatt would be squaring off against the demon Kane.

We start things off with the announced match. Kane vs Bray Wyatt: They start things off by exchanging blows all over the ring. After a couple of minutes of plenty back and forth action, Randy Orton shows up on the big screen. Orton is shown upside down and the video turns the opposite side. Bray is continuously staring at the big screen, not paying attention to Kane in the ring. Kane sits up and goes for the chokeslam, but Bray rolls out to the outside and retreats. The winner by DQ, Kane.

Baron Corbin is walking backstage who is confronted by Jack Swagger. Swagger challenges him to a fight immediately. Baron says that he does all his talking only in the ring and Swagger settles for a match next week. So, next week it is Baron Corbin vs Jack Swagger. Expect this match to be featured on No Mercy’s card.

Nikki Bella vs Alexa Bliss: Carmella is on commentary as expected for the match. Nikki throws Alexa right into Carmella. In the ring, Nikki goes for a samoan drop on Alexa, but Carmella attacks Nikki. Becky comes out to make the save, while Alexa and Carmella retreat to the back. During the break, a tag team match is set up between the four women. Nikki and Carmella both hit their signature moves. But Alexa hits the twisted bliss on Becky Lynch to pick up the win for her team.

Bray Wyatt is looking for Randy Orton backstage. Similar to last week, Wyatt walks in to a dimly lit room. Orton shuts the door and locks it behind him.

Daniel Bryan is out next with a few women from the Susan G Komen foundation. He congratulates them on beating cancer and presents them with SmackDown Live championship belts.

The Hype Bros vs The Vaudevillians: The heels control the first half of the match.

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