WWE SmackDown Results 10th August 2016


This week’s episode of SmackDown comes in from Rabobank Arena, from Bakersfield, California. As a preview of tonight’s event, we are going to have a match between Heath Slater and Rhyno to determine who would get a contract with SmackDown.

WWE.com is also reporting that the chaos between Bray Wyatt and Dolph and Ambrose would continue from last week.

The show opens with a backstage segment involving Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio, who are shown arguing with each other, talking smack.

Bray Wyatt is out to the ring along with Eric Rowan and he cuts a promo on Ziggler. He says it has always been him against the world, to be interrupted by Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose pokes fun at Wyatt and Rowan. Ziggler hits the ring who goes right after both Wyatt and Rowan. Eventually the Wyatt’s take control. Ambrose tries to help, but of no avail. Ziggler goes for the super kick on Wyatt, but he pulls Ambrose in front as a shield, who receives the super kick. Wyatt hit the sister Abigail on Ziggler and leaves.

Thoughts: Okay, just to be clear here, what is the point of having Bray get involved? Unless he’s someway inserted into the title picture. By the way things are going, it seems to be likely. It’s overdue. Wyatt deserves a shot at the title!

Backstage, Ambrose confronts Ziggler and says he owes him one. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan step in between them and set up a tag match for later tonight, it’s going to be the Wyatt’s vs Ambrose and Ziggler.

American Alpha vs Mikey O’Shea and Mike Vega: We are joined at ringside by the Ascension, the Vaudevillians, and the Hype brothers. Pretty much a squash match for the American Alpha. They hit a series of suplex before getting the pin fall. After the match, all the teams at ring side start brawling, and the American Alpha stand tall at the end.

Thoughts: They seem to be building up the American Alpha as ‘the’ tag team here. Well, good for them. They’re all the more capable.

Becky Lynch vs Eva Marie: Eva Marie has a wardrobe malfunction and the referee says the match is not going to take place. Becky has a match against Alexa Bliss. Alexa is in control of the initial moments of the match. Becky makes a comeback and hits the Becksploder, but Eva’s music hits and Becky is distracted. Alexa attacks Becky from behind, and hits the twisted bliss for the win.

Thoughts: WWE seem to be building up Eva as the next heel in the women’s division. Great way to build her heel persona. This is the first time, the WWE has made such sly moves for any diva. How well Eva wrestles, remains to be seen. Going by past history, there was a lot of scope for improvement. Hope she makes the best of the time.

Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio: This seems to be a culmination of the earlier altercation between the two athletes. Orton takes control in the initial moments of the match, hits a couple of knee drops, but Del Rio comes back with the back stabber. Del Rio takes Orton to outside of the ring, and systematically works on Orton’s injured shoulder. Orton comes back with a poke to the eye and a drop kick. Del Rio gets Orton into a cross arm breaker over the top breaker (Wow!) and Orton gets out. Orton connects with a superplex off the top. He follows it up with a spinning power slam and a DDT off the middle rope. They brawl at ring side, and Del Rio is disqualified after he uses the steel chair. Randy Orton counters with an RKO in the middle of the ring. Winner by DQ, Randy Orton.

Thoughts: Great back and forth action here. Shows why Del Rio is one of the best in ring workers. Orton also appeared to be ready for Lesnar and completely rehabbed shoulder. Great match by both the athletes. I hope the reports of Del Rio are not true. We would be losing out on a great wrestler otherwise.

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