WWE SmackDown Results 11/22/2016 | James Ellsworth vs AJ Styles And More


The Hype Bros and the Ascension start things off. A new team enters whenever there is an elimination. Ascension gets lot of offense on Ryder.

They have the upper hand till Mojo gets the tag and he double teams with Ryder to hit the Hype Ryder on Konnor for the elimination. Breezango is the next tag team. Ryder connects with a suicide dive onto the team of Breezango.

Once back in the ring, Breezango double team on Ryder, eliminating the Hype Bros. Aha! Just like that! The American Alpha is out next who make very short work of the Ascension. The Vaudevillains are out next and the American Alpha make short work of them too.

The Usos are the next team. Rhyno and Slater are watching the match closely backstage. Gable and Jimmy start things off for their respective teams. Usos tag each other in and out frequently, and control the match.

Jay goes to work on Gable, but it appears Jordan has tagged himself in, more like a blind tag. The American Alpha connect with the double team avalanche bull dog on Jey who kicks out at two. He goes for a Samoan splash off the top, but Jordan blocks the move.

Jimmy and Jey again double team on Jordan, till Gable comes in to make the save and hits Jimmy with a german suplex. American Alpha connect with the Grand Amplitude on Jey for the win.

The winners: American Alpha

Immediately after the match, Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen and informs the American Alpha that next week he and Orton are coming for them. (Orton is off tonight).

Daniel Bryan is shown talking to James Ellsworth backstage. He asks him whether he is sure about wanting to face AJ styles. Ellsworth says that he knows AJ is more talented than him, but anything can happen in the WWE and any man with two feet can climb the ladder. Dean interrupts in a costume.

Shane walks in and freaks out on seeing Ambrose still in the building. Ambrose says he will leave again.

Daniel Bryan suggest Shane to take the rest of the night off to recover from his injuries. Shane agrees. Bryan asks Ambrose to leave but asks him to answer as to why he is in a Mountie costume. Ambrose says he has got a message for AJ: ‘A Mountie always gets his man!’

Becky Lynch vs Natalya: Alexa Bliss is out at ringside for commentary for the match. Natalya takes control after Becky initially trades offense.

Natalya connects with a power bomb. Becky retaliates with a T-Bone suplex. Becky somehow manages to escape the sharp shooter and locks Natalya in the Dis-arm-her and picks up the win.

After the match, Alexa attacks Becky and lays her out with a DDT. Expect a match between Alexa and Becky at TLC.

Baron Corbin vs Kane: There is aggressive action in the initial moments. Kalisto interferes and connects with a spring board drop kick on Corbin. The referee calls for a disqualification. The winner by disqualification, Kane.

After the match. Kalisto grabs a chair and connects with the Van Daminator on Corbin.

It is now time for our main event of the night. As a recap, if Ellsworth wins, he gets the SmackDown Live contract and also gets a future title shot against Styles.

James Ellsworth vs AJ Styles: Styles destroys Ellsworth till Ambrose comes out dressed as a player from the Ottawa Senators. Styles connects with the phenomenal forearm on Ambrose and starts climbing the ladder.

AJ is on the verge of reaching for the contract, but Ellsworth comes out of nowhere and pushes AJ off the ladder all the way to the floor.

AJ tries to come back, but Ellsworth connects with the ‘no-chin music’ and ties AJ in the ropes. He climbs the ladder and grabs the contract!!

Ambrose and Ellsworth celebrate as we go to the end of show.

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