WWE SmackDown Results 2nd August 2016 Continued!


Randy Orton vs Fandango: There’s some extra security for the match, in case Lesnar decides to show up. Orton controls the initial moments, but is distracted by Breeze, but Fandango lays him out with a dropkick. Orton goes for offence on Fandango and calls for the RKO after a DDT off the middle rope.

We see Lesnar in the crowd. Orton connects with the RKO on Fandango and Lesnar hits the ring and F5’s Orton!!!! Security surrounds Lesnar and escorts him out of the building.

Heath Slater says he’s the hottest free agent and says Bryan should sign him. Bryan gives him a match for next week and if he wins, he’s with SmackDown. Even before Bryan completes, Rhyno runs out and hits the gore on Slater!! Bryan says Rhyno goes against Slater next week.

Carmella is out next, and introduces herself. Natalya attacks her from behind and puts her in the sharpshooter.

Backstage, Bryan and Shane approach Ziggler not to go with the match tonight as he’s got nothing to prove. Ziggler shows frustration for them not believing in him.

Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt: Ambrose is on commentary for the match. Great match as expected between both athletes. Bray acts as if he’s injured himself and hits a superplex on Ziggler. Ziggler back with a splash in the corner, neck breaker and drop kick for a near fall. Bray attacks with a vertical suplex and Senton splash for a near fall. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag, but Bray kicks out!!! Bray comes back with a Rock Bottom for another near fall. Dolph shoves Bray into the turnbuckle and super kicks him for the win.

Post-match, Ziggler is attacked by Eric Rowan. Ambrose runs in for the save, but Rowan and Wyatt get the better of him. Wyatt hits the sister Abigail on Ziggler to the close.

Thoughts: Very good improvement over last week’s show, with Ziggler and Wyatt stealing the show!! As expected we’re having the titles instated on SmackDown after Summerslam! I’m guessing Wyatt’s will have a program against Ziggler and Ambrose. Surprising to see Ambrose play the heel tonight! To top it all, Lesnar’s presence!!! Great move on the part of the WWE to show brand separation!

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