WWE SmackDown Results – (8/2/16) Continued!


Ziggler says that he accepts Wyatt’s challenge and asks Shane and Daniel to book the match. They book it!

Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin vs Kalisto: This is for the number one contender for the I.C. title at Summerslam! Corbin takes control of the match after some back and forth action. Kalisto hits a hurricanrana spring boarding of the back of Crews to Corbin!! Crews hits a power bomb on Kalisto for the near fall! Corbin hits the Deep six on Crews for another near fall. Kalisto goes for another hurricanrana on Corbin, but gets caught and is hit by dropkick by Crews to the outside. Kalisto rolls back into the ring and Crews quickly rolls him up for the win!!!

Post-match, Corbin attacks Kalisto till Crews makes the save. Miz runs in and hits the skull crushing finale on Crews, and Corbin hits the Deep Six on Miz!!

Thoughts: An amazing match!! Lots of unexpected moves here!! Crews was portrayed as the power house and it seems that Corbin and Kalisto will soon be put into a feud together.

Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie: No contest, and by the looks of it, Eva Marie hurt herself while trying to get into the ring. Eva is escorted to the back by the trainers.

American Alpha vs The Vaudevillains: Pretty much another match to put over the American Alpha as a formidable tag team here. Jason Jordon goes on the offence with a series of suplexes and tags in Gable for a double suplex for the win.

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AJ styles is out to cut a heel promo on Cena but is interrupted by Cena before he can say anything. AJ does some great heel work here by calling all of Cena’s supporters as weak and says he doesn’t belong in the same ring as AJ. Cena retorts with his usual lines, saying he’ll never quit this place and puts the fans over. AJ challenges Cena to a match at Summerslam, as we all have been expecting.

Thoughts: Great heel work by AJ. Cena was his usual self, no surprises.

Continued Part3!

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