WWE SmackDown Results – 8/9/16


Heath Slater approaches Rhyno and asks him to allow him to win the match. Rhyno says no chance at all. A segment involving the Miz and a Scooby Doo dressed character, from RAW.

Rhyno vs Heath Slater: The contract of both the superstars rests in the balance here. Rhyno is high on his win in the recent elections. Slater takes control after some back and forth action and keeps Rhyno keeps him grounded. Rhyno connects with a belly to belly suplex. He calls for the gore but Slater avoids it. He rolls Rhyno up, but referee stops the count as Slater has his feet on the ropes. Slater argues with the referee and Rhyno hits the gore for the win.

Thoughts: This is great! Rhyno openly stated that he’d continue wrestling as it has always been his first love. However, how the WWE plays out Slater’s situation needs to be seen. Call it coincidence, but he is the only active member of the dominant group, Nexus currently. Just hope he does not meet the same situation as the other members of his group.

Heath Slater is shown yelling backstage at Shane and Bryan and says SmackDown does not deserve him and storms off. Bryan says looks like they are not giving him his contract.

Carmella vs Natalya: Second divas match of the night! Carmella is out to cut a promo, but is cut off by Natalya who jumps her. Carmella fights back and they take the action into the ring. Ref calls for the bell. Natalya dominates with a couple of suplexes and gets a near fall. She applies the sharp shooter. Carmella manages to get out and gets Natalya in a choke to pick up the win.

Thoughts: Girl power in display! This is Carmella’s first win. Having it against a seasoned opponent like Natalya makes her a credible wrestler. Great move by WWE!

And now, it is time for the main event of the night. It’s going to be Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose going off against the Wyatt family in a tag team match.

Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan: Plenty of back and forth action, with plenty of back and forth tags too. Ambrose goes to work on Wyatt and throws Rowan to the outside. Ambrose connects with a suicide plancha on Rowan. Back in the ring, Wyatt connects with a clothesline. Rowan gets tagged and he takes the offence to Ambrose. Tag back to Wyatt who rock bottoms Ambrose on the apron!! Ambrose connects with a neck breaker, and the tags are made to Ziggler and Rowan. Ziggler takes flight, hitting the splash and elbow drop for a near fall. He hits a tornado DDT on Rowans for another 2 count! Wow! This is great action!! Rowan connects with a big boot for a near fall! Ambrose meanwhile throws Bray to the outside and hits a suicide dive on him. In the ring, Ziggler connects with a super kick to Rowan. Ziggler picks up the win for his team.

Post-match, Ambrose hits a dirty deeds on Ziggler and stands tall with the WWE World Heavyweight Title as we go to the end of show.

Thoughts: Great matches, although there were no great promos! I would rate it a 7/10.

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