WWE superstar AJ Styles has some strong words for Jon Stewart


Last week on Monday night RAW, it was announced that popular comedian Jon Stewart would be making an appearance at WWE’s upcoming pay per view, Summerslam.

The last time Jon Stewart made an appearance at Summerslam, he ended up assaulting John Cena with a steel chair, allowing Seth Rollins to pick up the win. John Cena got his revenge of sorts on Jon Stewart when he laid out Stewart with an attitude adjustment on the night following Summerslam.

This year, Summerslam has one of the biggest matches in recent times, when the current face of the company, John Cena squares off against the pro wrestling veteran, AJ Styles. The last time these two had been in the ring, AJ Styles had come out on top. As we reported earlier, it is being reported that John Cena may take some time off to film his reality TV series, for the second season, American Grit. With Jon Stewart having some unsettled business with Cena, there are rumors that he might have a part to play in the match at Summerslam.

When asked about the same, AJ Styles said that although he does not know Jon Stewart, he hopes that he would not stick his nose where it does not belong as Styles had to take care of business at Summerslam. We never know whether Jon Stewart is actually involved in the match and what his beef really is with John Cena. Out of nowhere, he shocked everyone by running through the crowd and assaulting Cena last year, and Cena getting a revenge of sorts with an Attitude Adjustment the next night. The storyline never really went on from there.

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How the WWE plans to give an end to this triangle rivalry between John Cena, Jon Stewart and AJ Styles remains to be seen. There is no confirmation that Cena would leave immediately after Summerslam, but it is being reported that he would leave eventually, so that he could return for the next pay per view event, Survivor Series. As of now, there are plans to have AJ Styles inserted into the title picture for the WWE World Championship on SmackDown Live.

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