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This week’s Superstars comes in from Atlanta, Georgia and the announcers for the night are Corey Graves and Tom Philips.

Match 1: Neville vs Curtis Axel: Basically another match to help Neville emerge as the winner. Pretty decent match, with lots of back and forth action. During the end moments of the match, Axel hits a standing dropkick on Neville. Axel hits an arm bar, but Neville kicks and chops. Neville hits a series of kicks and flying boot to the temple. Neville connects with a running forearm and follows it up with an enzuigiri. Neville goes to the top and hits the red arrow for the win.

Match 2: Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von vs. Sincara and Jack Swagger: After a long time, we see shades of the Dudley’s we all have known over the years. Dudley’s have the offence for most of the time and there’s a slight offence from Sincara. During the end moments of the match, Cara connects with a quebrada on D-Von and Bubba breaks the cover. Bubba then sends Swagger into the ring post, and Cara hits a drop kick and goes to the top. Cara is on the top, but Bubba distracts the ref and the Dudley’s eventually hit the 3D for the win.

We are shown footage of Finn Balor winning the number one contenders six pack challenge and his response to Seth Rollins from last week.

We are shown Rusev’s match against Mark Henry and then the next man who will be challenging Rusev for his title.

We are shown Brock Lesnar’s return on RAW. A clipping of Sasha Banks’ win is played.

We cut to the end of the show.

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Thoughts: It is good to see Neville back to winning ways. It appears that he would be the leader of the Cruiserweight division on RAW. Bubba and D-Von produced a great match and also showed why they’re one of the best tag teams around in the business. Nothing much to say here, apart from the match between the Dudley’s and Sincara and Swagger. It was billed as the main event.

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