WWE Survivor Series Preview: Bill Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Match Time And Prediction


This match is being billed as the rematch of all rematches. Especially with Goldberg fighting for a chance.

On one hand we have the veteran who was undefeated for 173 bouts on WCW, a former world heavyweight champion and on the other hand, the youngest WWE champion in history, a former king of the ring, and the most impressive claim to fame, the ‘1’ in the Undertaker’s ‘22-1’.

We are talking about the WWE so MMA and football is out of the picture for the moment.

Match Date: Sunday, November 20th, 2016.

Match Time: 7 p.m. ET (12am GMT, 5:30am IST [Monday)]

Match Venue: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Match Live Telecast: Ten Network (in India), PPV (in USA and Canada) and Sky Box Office (in UK).

Bill Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar WWE Survivor Series Match Preview And Prediction

In a recent interview with ESPN, Bill Goldberg said that winning is not important for him and it does not make a difference whether he wins or loses at the pay per view. All that matters to him is competing in front of his wife and son.

So here’s the hint. I am calling it right now, Goldberg is going to lose the bout. Think about it. Lesnar is a monster. He is unbeatable. Look at his record. Apart from his loss to Triple H at WrestleMania 29, he has never lost a match clean. He has defeated everyone there is to beat, and by the looks of it, the beast is not done.

Goldberg on the other hand, is putting everything he has on the line for an opportunity. One thing is for sure, Goldberg will be booked to come out strong, but Lesnar would be the one with his hand raised high after the match.

Another rumor floating around is the possibility of some other superstar costing Goldberg the match. Another rumor floating around is that Shane might get involved and cost Lesnar the match, setting up a match between the two for an upcoming pay per view. However, that would be a kill of Lesnar’s build over the years.

When Taker could not beat Lesnar, which definitely means he is a force to reckon with. Having an athlete like Shane costing the match does not match up. No doubt that Shane is great, but that is not ‘best for business’.

The match at Survivor Series is the chance for Brock to get some revenge on Goldberg. In their previous clash, as Lesnar put it, he did not give a shit about the wrestling business and had some other goals to accomplish in MMA and football.

It seems that the WWE is trying to cover up for their booking, which makes perfect sense now though. Probably this would be the last time that we see these athletes together in the same ring at the same time.

That’s logical as well. Goldberg made it a point to add that this time as well, it’s all about doing it for the kids. He added that, one takes things simplistically and tries to be the best person possible. If he is able to touch one or two kids in the next generation who have not seen him doing his thing, he feels he would be way ahead.

Talking about Goldberg, there have been numerous reports claiming that he is not a 100% heading into the event, as he hurt his shoulder during this week’s segment with Lesnar. But Goldberg did not cow down and dared Lesnar to elbow him like how Orton was elbowed. A lot of the wrestling community have come out and spoken about the match.

Goldberg’s former boss, Eric Bischoff responded to the IWC calling the match controversial. He claimed that it is not controversial. He added that having two major stars in something that is more like a one-off event. Sometimes it is better to be associated with such a great card.

Speaking of former colleagues, Scott Steiner took to his twitter account to share his thoughts. He said that Goldberg is on the game, whereas he isn’t. He claimed that only a handful of superstars beat Goldberg and he was one of them. He claimed that he would beat Goldberg in the virtual world again as well.

With so much of attention being given to the event, let’s tune into the match and have a real ‘hair-raising’ moment to cherish!

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