WWE TLC Results – 12/04/2016 | Analysis, Reaction, Highlights And Winners


Here are the live play by play coverage of this month’s first pay per view, TLC. The event takes place live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX.

We open the show with the tag team championship match.

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton vs Rhyno and Heath Slater: Rhyno starts things off for his team. Mauro notes that this is the first time that Rhyno has started a match since the team of Slater and Rhyno won the titles. He hits a flying clothesline on Wyatt and immediately tags in Slater. Orton and Wyatt gain control of the match by working on Slater. Wyatt beats down Slater in the corner and tags in Orton, who comes in and hits a spinning power slam. He tags Wyatt back in. Slater is finally able to tag in Rhyno who starts off against Wyatt.

He connects with a flying shoulder block off the middle rope and knocks Orton off the apron.

Rhyno goes for the gore on Orton at ring side, but Luke Harper pushes Orton of the way and takes the spear on himself. Meanwhile, Orton tags himself in and by the time Rhyno sets up Wyatt for the gore, Orton runs in and connects with an RKO on Rhyno. Orton pins Rhyno and we have new tag team champions for SmackDown Live!!

Dean Ambrose is giving an interview backstage where he says that there is nothing easy about winning a TLC match. He says, horrible pain and suffering equals glory and that there are going to be hard times tonight. Immediately, AJ Styles is doing an interview.

He comments about knocking Dean Ambrose down not being the problem, but keeping him down is the problem. After a few tables, ladders and chairs, AJ will not be able to get up until after AJ wins the match.

Nikki Bella vs Carmella: This match is a no disqualification match. As noted previously, Carmella is coming in with a black eye. Looks like she has recovered. Nikki tries to go for the power bomb at ringside early in the match, but Carmella reverses into a hurricanrana.

Carmella connects with a vertical suplex and goes to work on Nikki’s knee. Carmella grabs a kendo stick and starts attacking Nikki with it. Nikki is able to retaliate, but Carmella drops her with kicks and focuses her attention on Nikki’s bad knee again. Nikki takes a fire extinguisher and sprays Carmella with it and connects with the TKO for the win.

Post match, Carmella cuts a promo about knowing who attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series. She clears the air saying it was not her and it was Nikki’s friend from Total Divas, Natalya. Wait, what?

The Intercontinental championship match is next.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler: Miz gains the advantage in the early going with a big boot to Ziggler on the outside. He attacks Ziggler with a ladder and drop-toe-holds Ziggler into the ladder.

Miz goes for a power bomb Ziggler into the ladder, but Ziggler connects with a tornado DDT on the Miz pushing him into the ladder. Ziggler slams the Miz into another ladder and connects with a  flying elbow drop for a two count. Ziggler climbs the ladder but Miz pushes him off and Ziggler crashes into another ladder.

Ziggler goes for a super kick, but Miz grabs his leg and pulls him into the ladder. Miz now tries to climb the ladder, but Ziggler pushes off the ladder leaving the Miz dangling and ultimately falls to the mat. Ziggler climbs the ladder but the Miz connects with a power bomb onto another ladder.

Now both competitors climb the ladder and Ziggler head butts Miz to the mat. Miz comes back and pushes Ziggler off the ladder. Miz grabs the title.

Post match, the Miz cuts a promo calling Ziggler a loser and dedicates his victory to Daniel Bryan.

Next match is Baron Corbin vs Kalisto

Baron Corbin vs Kalisto: Corbin gains control of the match initially but Kalisto reverses with a drop kick and follows it up with a suicide dive to the outside. Corbin throws Kalisto into a pile of chairs and Kalisto comes back with a drop toe hold on Corbin into a chair.

Kalisto hurricanranas Corbin into another chair and connects with a senton splash onto Corbin who is lying on a pile of chairs. Corbin rolls to the outside to regroup and Kalisto follows him with a suicide dive but is caught by Corbin who plants him with a Deep Six on the floor. Corbin misses several chair shots and Kalisto comes back with kicks and a hurricanrana off the barricade. Kalisto puts a chair on Corbin and connects with a moonsault on the chair and goes for the cover, but Corbin kicks out at two.

Kalisto stacks up a pile of chairs and goes to the top rope. Kalisto flies off the top rope but Corbin hits him with a steel chair mid-way. Corbin connects with the End of Days for the win.

Natalya is being interviewed where she is asked about Carmella’s claims about her attacking Nikki at Survivor Series. Natalya calls Carmella a liar and simply walks off.

The women’s championship match is up next.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss: Lots of back and forth action to start things off. Alexa throws Becky into the ring and lays her on a table. Alexa climbs the turnbuckle but Becky knocks her down. Becky goes for a super plex but Alexa fights out. Alexa knocks Becky down and stands a table against the turnbuckle. Becky comes with a couple of clotheslines. She goes for  a T-bone suplex on Alexa through the table, but Alexa drops Becky and fights out. Becky locks in the Dis-arm-her on Alexa, but Alexa gets out.

Becky sets up a table across the bottom ropes and drop toe holds Alexa into the table.

Alexa power bombs Becky off the apron through a table on the outside for the win. The new SmackDown Live Women’s champion, Alexa Bliss.

They try to interview Becky post match but she says she does not want to talk.

It is now time for the main event of the night, Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, with James Ellsworth expected to be at ring side.

AJ attacks but Ambrose drops him. AJ gets a ladder and starts to climb the ladder, but Ambrose runs in and stops him. AJ goes back again, but Ambrose stops him again. Ambrose whips AJ under the ladder and shoves the ladder into AJ’s face and clotheslines AJ to the outside. Ambrose connects with a suplex on the floor. Ambrose places AJ on top of a table and climbs a taller ladder. AJ gets off the table and Ambrose clotheslines him from behind.

The fight breaks into the crowd now. Ambrose dumps a trash can on Styles. Ambrose jumps off the barricade but Styles catches him with a drop kick mid-air. AJ misses a forearm and gives Ambrose the opening, who grabs a chair and nails AJ. Ambrose sets up a ladder and tries to climb but AJ stops him again.

Styles nails Ambrose with the ladder and drops Ambrose on the ladder, following it up with a knee drop. Ambrose catapults AJ into a ladder placed against the ropes. Ambrose brings in a table here but AJ comes in with a chair and hits a chair shot to Dean. AJ stands the chair and puts Ambrose through it with a sidewalk slam.

AJ goes for more chairs from under the ring and stands 4 of them together in the middle of the ring. He goes for a suplex through the chairs but Ambrose blocks it and sends AJ through the chairs instead. Ambrose connects with a slam into a chair. He elbow drops AJ with a chair off the second rope. Ambrose leans a table in the corner but AJ begins to fight back and connects with a snap suplex through the table. Ambrose connects with strikes. AJ retaliates with a  drop kick. Ambrose comes back with a Lunatic Lariat.

Ambrose connects with a big dive and lays AJ on the announce table. He stands on a ladder on top of another announce table and connects with a huge elbow drop on Styles through the announce table. Ambrose brings in a ladder to the ring and climbs it.

AJ leaps off with a phenomenal forearm on Ambrose knocking him off the ladder. Both climb the ladder now and trade shots with each other. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but is blocked by Ambrose who spins him around and sends him into the ladder. Ambrose climbs the ladder again but AJ pulls him down. AJ goes for the power bomb but Ambrose counters with a over the top rope throw.

AJ pulls Ambrose off the apron and drops him to the outside. AJ connects with a moonsault and modifies it into a reverse DDT. Styles connects with a huge springboard 450 from the ring through a table. The crowd is going bonkers with ‘Holy Shit’ and ‘This is awesome’ chants.

AJ comes back and positions the ladder under the title. He climbs the ladder, but out comes James Ellsworth with a neck brace. AJ beats him down. AJ goes for a styles clash on Ellsworth on the steel steps but Ambrose stops him. He drops AJ with a DDT on the steps. Ambrose comes back into the ring and goes to climb the ladder again but AJ comes back up and climbs up with him.

Ambrose knocks AJ off the ladder and out of the ring. AJ reaches for the title, but Ellsworth comes in and tips the ladder over, causing Ambrose to fall off crashing through a table through the outside.

Ellsworth signals for AJ to come back into the ring and Ambrose is all dazed looking from ring side. AJ crawls back and Ellsworth roots him on from ring side.

AJ climbs the ladder and grabs the title to retain his championship.

Post match, AJ’s music hits as Ellsworth celebrates at ring side. Ambrose is laid out at ring side. We end the show with AJ on top of the ladder celebrating his victory while Ellsworth joins the celebrations too.

–End of show—

Do join us for the coverage of Monday Night RAW tomorrow.

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