WWE to continue to push the Daniel Bryan retirement angle


It is being reported that WWE will be continuing to push the angle of Daniel Bryan coming out of return. For those who might not know about what I am talking about, this week’s episode of Talking Smack saw the Miz taking an aggressive approach and reacting strongly to Daniel Bryan calling him a coward and a safe worker.

The Miz called Daniel Bryan a liar and said that he is the liar. If he was so passionate about the wrestling business, since the WWE was not allowing him to wrestle, he could have easily gone to the Indies and continued to wrestle, but he chose

As per the reports from various sources, it appears that WWE is toying with us regarding Daniel Bryan’s future with the company. It is worth mentioning that his contract is coming to an end and the WWE feels that this would be an interesting angle to push the most popular superstar after the attitude era. There will be more of such direct references to Daniel Bryan’s retirement, and it seems WWE is more open than they were initially to have him return to action in the squared circle in his shorts.

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We had just reported yesterday that with the dawning of a new era called the ‘Reality Era’, we can expect a lot more of such promos involving angles surrounding the wrestlers’ personal lives. Having Daniel Bryan to wrestle would be a great boost to SmackDown Live, opening the door for another former hot superstar like Mick Foley to replace Daniel Bryan as the General Manager.

SmackDown Live is currently struggling to find a face for their brand, with Cena having a reduced work load after single handedly carrying the company for almost 13 years now.

It is worth mentioning that although Daniel Bryan was cleared by professionals outside of the WWE for an in ring return, it was the WWE doctors who were hesitant to clear his return. We hope that Daniel Bryan has recovered fully from his nagging injuries and he does get to lead the ‘YES’! Movement! For now, expect more superstars target Daniel Bryan.

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