WWE to integrate more LGBT characters in future


It was not long time ago that current WWE superstar came out as gay in a casual interview at the airport. You probably did not know that yet, given that his character on television is nowhere related to it. This has been just one case.

We know that WWE has always had its own role in helping make the world a better place, be it through the anti-bullying campaign called ‘Be a star’, the Connor Foundation, the partnership with the Komen foundation for support of breast cancer to name a few. WWE’ Chief brand officer and RAW commissioner, Stephanie McMahon recently revealed at a Beyond Sport Event that WWE is considering introducing LGBT characters and themes in future for their weekly programming.

Talking about the initiative, she said that throughout her life, she has been knowing WWE superstars and executives who were gay. Though it has always been accepted, now it is about getting the message out there. She said that the WWE would have GLAAD come in and speak to the writing team and have them have a complete tutorial about the sensitivities, what can be said, what cannot be said and why.

Young is not the first superstar who was gay. Previously, former intercontinental champion, Pat Patterson had also declared his sexual preferences. This would be interesting to see how WWE plays it out, given that almost all the characters on screen have this macho element to them and all are shown to be tough dudes and dudettes. They could probably start with Young, since he seems to be in the middle of a much needed push from the WWE. They could make a convincing storyline by having him play a major role in it.

Most of the time, these characters have been shown in poor light. If a big public company like the WWE with its millions of fans are able to send the right message, that would go a long way and definitely encourage other shows, events to come up with something for the LGBT community in their own little way.

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